Give Your Skin the Best Chance against Pregnancy Stretch Marks

For many women, pregnancy stretch marks are just an unchangeable fact of having a baby. Apart from those lucky women who somehow get away scot-free, most of us will earn our stripes during pregnancy as our skin quickly expands to make room for our new bundle of joy.

Although there’s no knock-out cure for pregnancy stretch marks, there’s a lot you can do to minimise their occurrence.


  1. Use a pregnancy stretch marks cream

The best thing you can do to prevent pregnancy stretch marks is to make sure your body is prepared before the stretching starts. One of the best ways to prepare the skin for this is to apply a topical cream before any marks appear at all.

FREZYDERM’s Prevenstria Cream helps to strengthen and structure the skin. It protects elastin to improve skin elasticity so it can better tolerate stretching during pregnancy.


  1. Keep hydrated

Making sure you are constantly hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  Drinking loads of water might not seem like a good idea if you, like many women, start experiencing the more frequent urination during the early stages of pregnancy. It really is important to keep hydrated, even if it seems to add to the dozen bathroom trips a day!


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  1. Make sure your Zinc levels are high enough

Zinc is important in the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein which helps keep your skin firm and strong, providing the structure and shape of skin. If you have low Zinc levels, you might not be producing collagen very efficiently, meaning your skin is more vulnerable to sagging and stretching.


  1. Keep an eye on extra weight-gain

Most women will gain about 11kg during pregnancy. It is normal to gain weight as pregnancy causes a range of hormonal and lifestyle changes that effect your metabolism and how much you exercise you can do. The more weight you do gain, however, the more likely it is that stretch marks will appear. It is really important not to try and lose weight during pregnancy, but to make sure you keep a healthy diet.


These four tips will help you get ahead of pregnancy stretch marks. For more great products to help your pregnancy easier, have a look at FREZYDERM’s pregnancy product range today!