The Ultimate Body cream for Your Skin Type

With the shops and stores online selling literally hundreds of lotions and body creams, it’s easy to get lost and confused.

How do you choose the right body cream for you? Let us take the guesswork out of finding the right one for you and follow our guide on the different types of body creams and who are they made for.

Understanding your own type of skin is the first step to finding the right product for your specific skincare needs.

A nice and easy way to tell is to press a regular tissue against your skin around 3-4 hours after you’ve showered and washed your face. If you see small oily patches on the tissue, then you have oily skin.

If your skin seems dull, dry and a little cracked then you have dry skin. Some people can have combination skin, which means in some areas their skin is oily, and others it’s dry.

Now that you’ve figured out your skin type you can now choose the right body lotion for you.


Christialen Emulsion Body Milk

The Christialen Emulsion Body Milk is perfect for very thirsty, dry skin as it instantly hydrates your skin. Created to moisturize and restore your skin’s natural water balance.

This rich body milk is enriched with almond oil and vitamin F, which helps protect the skin against pollution and other airborne impurities.

Lightweight, and non-greasy mean it’s easily absorbed into the skin.

Best for dry and combination skin types.


Volpaderm AHA Milk

Both exfoliating and moisturizing, our Volpaderm AHA body milk is perfect for those who are looking for body skin rejuvenation.

This lightweight body milk contains A & B Hydroxyacids and a rich blend of moisturising and softening agents that work to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin renewed, refreshed and revitalised.

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Best for dry, aging skin or in prep for a chemical peel.


Anti-Ageing Body Cream

As we grow older our skin loses its elasticity, creating sagging and wrinkles. And it’s not just on the face either. Arms, neck and chest are all prone to the visible signs of aging.  To combat this, we’ve created our Anti-Ageing Body Cream.

This soft, non-greasy cream is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves your skin firmed, soft and youthful. Enriched with turmeric extract for five times more anti-oxidant protection than vitamin E.

From the very first use, your skin is hydrated and your blemishes are reduced.


Sooth Balm for Sensitive Skin

Many of us have skin that is sensitive and reacts badly to external factors like fabrics and cosmetics. Sensitive skin needs to be treated gently with lots of love and care and our Sooth Balm for Sensitive Skin does just that.

Awarded by Prix De Beaute 2014 as the best product in the category “Care – Slimming Body”, this balm is perfect for irritated skin.

Enriched with a special formula of herbal oils, extracts and emollient esters all go to giving your thin, dull and irritated skin some much needed TLC.

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