Time to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Face it: the cold autumn and winter months are pretty tough on your skin. Biting, howling winds to sting and chap. Heating systems to dry and coarsen. And, you guessed it, a conspicuous lack of sunshine for that much-needed vitamin D. Put it all together and you get a complexion in need of some serious TLC.

Of course, it doesn’t help that when the nights draw in and the temperature plummets, all thoughts of ‘clean living’ go out the (frosty) window. You find yourself drawn to bread, sugar, salt and all manner of stodge – no matter how much your skin protests.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. It is possible to fight back against the ravages of winter, and sustain some of your summer glow until spring returns. Let us show you how:


1. Drink plenty of water

Our bodies are over 60% water and the best way to maintain that high level of moisture is to consume it. Drink water, drink green tea, drink warm water with lemon. Drink to keep yourself hydrated and your skin soft, supple and plump to the touch.


2. Increase your vitamin intake

In the long list of ‘things your body has to do’, looking after your skin almost always comes last. Any nutrient or anti-oxidant your body absorbs first go towards ramping up defences against nasty diseases. Any healthy food you ingest is employed as energy-giver first and foremost. Because your complexion tends to be at the back of the queue, it’s important you ingest even more good stuff – to ensure your skin is getting what it really needs. In winter, supplement your diet with vitamin C, E, zinc and collagen capsules.


3. Wash your face in lukewarm water

Washing in lukewarm water (as opposed to the piping hot water that is so tempting to use in winter) is gentler on the skin. It doesn’t strip away as many oils at this temperature.


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woman in winter

4. Invest in a humidifier

A house heating system is more damaging than any frost, wind or snow Mother Nature can throw at you. Heating systems dry out the air and dry air saps all the moisture and vivacity from your complexion. Humidifiers work to regulate the moisture content of the air and this, in turn, prevents your skin from becoming arid and ruddy.


5. Nourish your skin

a. Face hydration

Even if you follow all the above steps, your skin will need a little extra help and a little extra nourishing. That’s where Frezyderm’s Moisturizing 24H Cream comes in. This super-soft, hydrating cream is designed to provide long-lasting hydration as well as boost collagen. From the first moment, you use it your skin will feel rehydrated, soft and toned. And whats more, it’s easily absorbed and makes a great base for make-up.

b. Body protection

It can feel so nice to rejuvenate your skin after a long soak in the tub. The Volpaderm AHA milk exfoliates as it hydrates to leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and touchably silky. Don’t forget the often-overlooked knees and elbows! Our Demofilia Hand Cream is not only perfect for hydrating hands but it also works wonders on your knees and elbows. This rich cream works by strengthening and restoring the skin’s protective barrier.

c. Sun protection

Yes, we know we said the sun wouldn’t be about very much. But, even so, if you want an A+ in skincare you ought to wear suncream all year round. That includes those grey, drizzly, cloudy days. Pop on some SPF 30 with a slight tint. Trust us, your skin will thank you.