tips and tricks before hitting the beach


Lately, these sunny days have seduced us into almost thinking we may actually experience the UK summer.

Nevertheless, skirts get skimpier, dresses are becoming our everyday attire, and browsing for new swimwear, is our current hobby.

Before getting all self-conscious about your until-recently hibernated skin you may want to try these 6 tips!


  1. Coffee to Co-Fit

There is quite a paradox when it comes to caffeine.

Those 3 espresso shots may not be ideal for reducing that dimply appearance, as it contributes to Water retention, however it seems to do wonders when you rub it on your thighs. No wonder most topical cellulite treatments contain caffeine. So, does our Τrippleffect which stimulates fat burning, reduces cellulite and firms the skin’s tissue.


  1. “Build from within first”

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a vibrant, youthful body. You’ve heard it countless times. There will be some reason, don’t you think? First of all, their high-water content, hydrates the skin, keeping it firm and vigorous. In addition, they contain vital vitamins for skin health and, of course, can delay the aging process of the skin cells thanks to their unique antioxidant action.

Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apricots, cherries, artichokes, lettuce, beets etc. and do not forget to drink water to keep hydrated.


  1. That Carrot may do the trick

Is there a better incentive than the convenience to get your favorite tropical tan? All you need is a stroll towards your neighborhood grocery to fill a bag of carrots that give a healthy tan without the side effects of oxidative stress. If you’re rushed to get that exotic color though, all you need to do is get your hands on our Bronze Water Color Mist. The self-tanning spray-mist for face and body that gives a uniform bronze color from the first 24 hours after application and is the ideal alternative to the solarium.

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  1. Hitting the gym?

We all tend to postpone that “meeting” as long as it takes…

But now, on the verge of summer, we are ready to stick to our routine religiously.

It shouldn’t be this hard anyway… By organizing your exercise from the day before – whether it’s a 20-minute walk in the morning, hitting the gym equipment or yoga class- you will be able to keep your schedule faithfully without excuses or delays.


  1. Cold showers, anyone?

Ditch any signs of flabby & sagging skin, by embracing cold showers. The more you can withstand the cold temperature, the more it will tighten your skin, especially in the chest area where you are most interested in. For even more impressive results, you may try the Confidence Up massage twice a day, the gentle cream-gel that lifts and “fills” the breasts while tightening the skin for a firm, elastic effect.


  1. Keep it real!

If your goal is within a week to get that tanned, toned, slender body of the professional supermodel, you might want to adjust your expectations. It is important to have realistic expectations from your body, so that you’ll end up enjoying the positive outcomes of your 6-way plan without stressing it through.