10 trivia for legs and feet


Learn some fascinating fan facts about your legs and feet which you never considered before…


  1. Same size? Not really…

Strange as it sounds, your soles are not equal to each other. Most of the time, one is longer than the other. Find out on your own: tap on a piece of paper and draw the outline of your feet.


  1. To the bone…

The soles accommodate ¼ of our body bone. In fact, each tread has 26 bones, and when they aren’t aligned harmoniously, neither the rest of the body is aligned.


  1. Heavy Duty!

The total force of an average daily walk, exerted on our treads are hundreds of tons, almost as weighing a full truck!


  1. Lifting a finger!

Every time we lift out feet to perform a single step, our toes are forced to lift the weight of half our body weight.


  1. Your nail clipper can wait!

The nails of the feet grow 1 mm per month while the nails of the hands are 3-4 mm per month! No rush for your next pedicure appointment.


  1. A bundle of nerves!

If your sole cannot tolerate being tickled, do not get it wrong. Our soles have 8,000 nerves and even more thousands of nerve endings near the surface of the epidermis and react even to the slightest stimulus.


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Can you guess how many sweat glands your two soles have? Don’t sweat it.

250,000 is the answer. And these glands produce nearly 0.2 liters of sweat every day!


  1. Picture of health

Our legs can mirror our health. Especially in the case of people with diabetes, arthritis and other conditions, the initial symptoms appear immediately in the lower limbs. Therefore, it is important to pay regular visits to the doctor.


  1. Head over heels.

Saturday morning may seem the perfect time to buy new shoes, however during the morning time our feet are rested. In the afternoon, when the soles have swollen and have reached their maximum size, our new shoes feel too tight. That is why we make sure to go shoe shopping in the afternoon.


  1. Your Achilles’ heel

High heels. We love our stilettos. With them strapped to our feet, we feel more confident, our legs seem longer, our hips sway and the world get to be our catwalk. Our beloved high-heels is the main reason women are 4 times more prone to foot problems than men.


These were our top ten trivia list for your legs and feet. If, however, you need a more practical help, our Frezyfeet line offers complete footcare. From the nourishing and exfoliating to even more specialized care such as the care of the swollen leg or the diabetic foot.