tanned legs

Tips to self-tanning like a pro!

Sometimes the path to a good tan is paved with lots of sunburns…

Other times, it just so happens naturally and nicely overtime…

As long as you have the time…

Because all the parties or events just so happen to take place as soon as the weather gets warm and our body part still look pale and white… a fake tan is the first solution that comes to mind.

But a good fake tan, seems more elusive than it should be.

Steps should be obvious and straightforward; in reality though, things are different.

We are here to give you the greatest tips to prepare and maintain the perfect self-tan.


Before Self tan

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The first rule of Self-tanning is exfoliation.

  • Granted that you want to avoid stripy legs and a patchwork of orange knees and elbows, you need to exfoliate first.
  • If you dislike beads or are bored of the scrubbing routine in general, you may want to try a body milk with fruit acids that will gently exfoliate and nourish your skin at the same time. Apply every evening for 4-5 days while also applying sunscreen every morning afterwards. This will create a smooth canvas to apply the product effortlessly.
  • Then, you need to choose your method: Would you prefer a hassle-free spray that gives instant color after 24 hours or perhaps you prefer a lotion or cream texture?  Getting the product that suits your needs is key for optimal tanning.


During Self Tan

  • Another absolute essential for the correct application is the infamous tanning mitt. Use it for the application on your arms, legs, tummy etc.; use the leftover product on the mitt, to apply on your hands.
  • Although daily moisturizing is essential, skip it that day! Your body will absorb optimally one product, so it’d better be your tanner!
  • The only exception to this rule, is body parts that tend to be drier and, as consequence, soak up a lot of color. Applying some moisturizer on your knuckles, palms, elbows and knees will create a barrier between your skin and the tanner and the overall result will be more even and natural.
  • Extra tip: Location matters. Although, we tend to apply body creams in the bathroom, we recommend that you apply it in front of a mirror. This way you’ll have a better perception of how much of the product and where it has been applied.


After Self tan

  • Fake tan will last on average 5-7 days depending on your skin and how well you preserve it.
  • To make your sun glow last longer,  slather your hydrating lotion daily, perhaps twice a day if you have a rather dry skin.
  • Furthermore, avoid exfoliation during these days.
  • Once it has started to fade away, and you want to get rid of it sooner, then exfoliate all you want!