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Frequent Hand Washing & Dry Hands

The meticulous cleanliness of our hands, as well as the extensive use of antiseptics, are extremely important for our protection, especially for the time being. But frequent washing can cause dryness or dehydration on the skin, even causing eczema.

Why are my hands cracking easier now?

Frequent washing with soap and water weakens the skin barrier, that is, the last “layer” of our skin against external attacks and infections, which is, at the same time, an important “reservoir” of moisture for our skin. When the skin barrier is disrupted, the moisture levels that are necessary for our skin to function and have a healthy appearance and wellbeing begin to drop. And so, the signs of dryness, irritation, dehydration, or dermatitis are not long to be seen.

How can I protect my hands from “cracking?”

First, it is imperative that you continue to practice regular and diligent handwashing with water and soap (or hand cleansing with an antiseptic or alcohol tissue when there is no access to soap and water). Carefully dry with disposable paper towels and dispose of them in the trash, following strictly the personal hygiene guidelines of the official health authorities. However, to protect your hands from the strain of frequent washing, it is important to shield them regularly throughout the day with an intensive care that provides moisture, softening action and protection.

Our Innovation with double action for protected hands:

Dermofilia Hand Cream is the perfect solution for your overworked hands at this time, since:

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How to Soothe Dry Hands
  1. It moisturizes and restores the skin’s stratum corneum for protection against skin issues
  2. It strengthens the epidermal barrier and protects against adverse environmental factors.

What if I wash my hands after applying the cream?

Dermofilia is specially designed to continue to act even after washing your hands, giving protection lasting up to 4 hours. So, enjoy soft, velvety hands all the time.