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Cold, snow, wind, and sudden changes in temperature (when you leave the indoor warm spaces, heading out, in the cold) dehydrate the skin, depriving it of its elastic, firm appearance, vitality and well-being, leaving it vulnerable to irritation. By playing your cards right though, you can prevent and repair skin damage during this “harsh” time of year.

Layer with skin friendly fabrics!

Wool tends to feel itchy when worn directly against the skin. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, tend to cause sweating, and deprive the skin of proper breathing. Ideally, during the winter months, it’s better to opt for cotton, cashmere or other natural or semi-natural fabrics instead (at least for the clothes we wear casually). In addition, layered clothing helps adjust your clothing, depending on the temperature where you’re in. It also helps adjust the fabric making more tolerable for your skin; for example, wearing a cotton t-shirt underneath a wool jumper to prevent itching.

Lukewarm is your best bet

As relaxing as a hot bath may sound after a long day or a cold winter morning it might not be the most beneficial thing for your skin.  This is because high temperatures dehydrate the skin and cause it to feel “tight” afterwards. On the contrary, lukewarm water does not burden the skin barrier nor leads to moisture loss, making it the optimal option for your skin. The duration of your showers/baths is also important, as the less you leave your skin under water, the less it risks becoming dehydrated.

Moisturize immediately after showering

Right after your bath, the skin has lost its natural oils and needs something that will “lock” the moisture inside. That is why it’s crucial to apply a rich body moisturizer to your body at that moment. A quick tip is to place your after-shower moisturizing care at an apparent place, such as the sink, making it harder to forget.

Humidifier for your dehydrated skin

If you live in a country with very long and cold autumn and winter, you might want to consider a humidifier. During cold weather, a humidifier will restore humidity levels inside your flat making the room environment more friendly to your skin. Furthermore, it will also help soothe any symptoms of winter cold.

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With all the above, you can keep your body hydrated and its skin barrier protected during the winter.