Controlling Psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis, you won’t need reminding that it is an incredibly frustrating condition. This chronic, inflammatory skin disease can be triggered by a wide range of different things and can appear spontaneously throughout the day. Whether it’s in a meeting at work or mid-date, it is important for sufferers to be confident and in control of their flaky skin.


Specialised treatment

Despite the fact psoriasis is incurable, it’s a skin disease that responds extremely well to treatment. Severe cases that affect large parts of the body can be reduced dramatically by utilising specialised topical treatments.

Even so, many of the suggested treatments from doctors and pharmacists involve steroid-based formulations and prescription retinoids, causing unwanted side-effects for users.



When it comes to skincare, routine is the key. It’s no different with psoriasis. Once the skin has broken down it is important to rebuild it by cleansing and removing any dead skin cells, regulate cell reproduction and then do all you can to protect it against further outbreaks.


  1. Cleansing for psoriasis

When showering with psoriasis, we advise that you keep things lukewarm and short. Hot water can dry the skin and leave you feeling irritated. Second to that, use a mild liquid cleanser to clean and gently remove dead skin cells. This purpose-formulated cleanser even contains very fine granules, specifically added to gently remove psoriatic flakes.

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  1. Emulsion for psoriasis

Sometimes light, quick-to-absorb emulsions can act swiftly to sooth and hydrate skin. People with an oily complexion that also suffer from small amounts of patchy psoriasis will be better suited to the softer texture of an emulsion. If that sounds like you, this emulsion will help with these mild instances, enhancing hydration and removing dead cells and flakes.


  1. Creams for psoriasis

For more radical outbreaks, it’s important to pick a solution that ticks a number of boxes. Choose a solution that soothes symptoms, delays skin cell proliferation and rapidly improves the condition of psoriasis. And get this: it doesn’t have to be medicated. Some off-the-shelf products provide formulations that mimic prescribed treatments without the same level of hassle.


If you need any further advice on how to improve your psoriasis, comment below and our expert team will respond with advice. Feel free to give us your thoughts.