What Causes Mouth Ulcers?

Everyone gets mouth ulcers. Those annoying and painful sores on the inside of your mouth that make eating salty foods like crisps a big ‘no’ (or ‘ouch’ more accurately). 

But what causes them? Can they be prevented? What can you do to heal them?


The causes

More often than not, a single ulcer is caused by damage from biting the inside of your cheeks or tongue, sharp teeth, bad teeth brushing, braces or badly fitting braces. These sort of ulcers are known as ‘traumatic’ ulcers.

If you have more than one ulcer, and they keep coming back it’s known as ‘recurrent stomatitis’.

Sometimes it’s not always clear what the causes behind mouth ulcers are. Many people get them when they are stressed, anxious or rundown. Many people get lots of ulcers when they recently stop smoking.

Some women can even get mouth ulcers due to hormonal changes during their monthly period.

Medical conditions can also play a part in causing ulcers. From viral infections such as cold sores and chickenpox and diseases like Crohn’s, coeliac and reactive arthritis.

Even your diet can play a part in ulcers. Having a diet low in vitamin B12 or iron deficiency can result in you getting mouth ulcers.


Can they be prevented?

We can’t guarantee you’ll be free from ulcers forever but we can suggest ways to minimise the chances of you getting them.

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Some people’s mouth ulcers are caused by certain types of food. Things like chocolate, spicy foods, peanuts, almonds, strawberries, cheese, tomatoes and wheat flour have been known to cause ulcers in some people. You could try a process of elimination and then avoid the food that triggers your ulcers in future.

Stopping chewing gum can help prevent mouth ulcers. Many people get ulcers from accidentally biting the inside of their mouths or tongue when chewing gum. If you’re one of them it may be time to stick that gum in the bin for good.

Eating a diet rich in vitamins A, C and E along with fresh fruit and vegetables all go to keeping your body healthy, happy and reduces your chances of getting mouth ulcers.

Good oral hygiene such a brushing your teeth properly. Visit your dentist regularly and ask them for advice on the best ways to brush your teeth.

A good quality toothbrush and toothpaste is a great way to start. We recommend our Plaque & Tartar Toothpaste, specially formulated to care for teeth and gums.



We all know how painful and annoying mouth ulcers can be. To help with the pain try our Sensiteeth Kids Aphthae Gel. The gel gently soothes the pain caused by mouth ulcers whilst reduces inflammation and protects against bacteria, making it a go-to for all sufferers of mouth ulcers.

With all this information, tips for prevention and remedies you’ll soon be able to enjoy those salty, spicy foods again in no time, pain free!