How to Feel Confident with Eczema

Knowing you can break out into a bout of eczema at any point can really keep you distracted and worried. No matter how bad your eczema is, there are some things you can do to take control of your skin and minimise the frequency and severity of your flare-ups, leaving you free to get back on top of your day.


Be an expert in your triggers

As you’ll know, eczema is triggered by irritants, such as allergens, extreme temperatures or friction. There are some common triggers, but everyone is different. Becoming an expert in what causes your eczema outbreaks lets you learn what to avoid, so you can feel confident and in control of your skin.

Find this out simply by keeping a close eye on what enters your environment immediately before an outbreak. Just after your eczema flares up, do your best Sherlock impersonation and deduce the cause from what changed in your environment just before it happened.

Important things to be aware of are new clothes, and new hygiene products like detergents, soaps and deodorants.


Form a base-layer of protection

If you improve your skin’s natural resilience to eczema, you can feel more confident that you want get a sudden outbreak. As well as avoiding direct triggers, there are some indirect factors you can also exert control over in order to help form a base-layer of resistance.

Firstly, staying well hydrated is always good skin advice, but it is especially helpful with eczema, helping fend off the dry itchy skin you can’t help but scratch. Working on avoiding stress is also known to help reduce eczema, so staying calm and cool will add to that base-layer of protection.

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You can also support your skin’s natural barriers, reducing the effect irritants have when they do come into contact with you. Our Atoprel Emollient Cream has a Double novelty formulation: α) Correct Functional Lipidic Content (25% F.L.C) to relieve and improve the conditions of dry skin with eczematoid symptoms and b) Non volatile Content 35% to substitute epidermal barrier.

(Medical device, CE 2803).


Respond fast!

It’s always good to know that if you do have flare-up, you are well equipped to respond quickly.

Our Anticort Cream is a Cream of alternative steroid effect Mimicking benefits of corticosteroids and Free of pharmaceutical ingredients. It relieves from inflammatory skin disorders, eczematoid conditions, dermatoses of various origin, redness, itching, atopic symptoms, rashes, intertrigo caused by external or internal factors. Reinforces hydrolipidic mantle and epidermal barrier (medical device, CΕ 0653).

Just apply some to affected areas whenever your eczema is triggered, and it will help soothe, clear and prevent future episodes.