What are liver spots and how do I treat them?

Summertime unleashes the sun-worshipping goddess in all of us. But before you whip out the oil and stretch out on the lounger, spare a thought for your complexion. Every single ray you soak up can do serious damage to your skin.

You’ve already heard how UVA and UVB rays cause sunburn, wrinkles and – in some cases – skin cancer. But did you know that they are also the root of liver spots?

Liver spots, age spots and sun spots are all terms for the same thing. But the name liver spots actually have nothing to do with your liver. They’re called liver spots because they were once believed to be a sign of bad liver troubles.


Where do they appear?

Often appearing on the face, back of hands, shoulders arms and décolletage – basically areas that get the most exposure to the sun.

These normally harmless small, dark brown spots are very common in adults over 50 years of age. With the recent love of tanning using sunbeds and sunbathing younger people are getting liver spots more than before.

If you notice a dark spot on your skin that changes or grows it’s always best to see a doctor to rule out anything serious. It never hurts to make sure!

So, who’s at risk to of getting sun spots? Anyone can get them, no matter what age, race or sex but those who are older with fairer skin in particular are at a higher risk of getting them.


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Prevention is the best remedy…

There are easy ways to prevent getting liver spots. The easiest and best way is by using a good sunscreen on both your face and on your body, particularly where you skin is lightly to get direct sunlight.

Wearing SPF is definitely something you should be doing all year round and it’s never too late to start. But if you’ve already got some liver spots and are not too happy about it then there are ways to get clearer, spot-free skin.


Cure to the cause

We know how annoying liver spots can be and that’s why we have a full range dedicated to preventing and fading liver spots.

Our whitening range is dedicated to preventing and fading liver spots. The products from this range can’t be used in summer so make sure to use them from September. Our effective range will reduce the appearance of liver spots leaving you with a clear, uniform skin tone.