How to Feel Confident with Rosacea

Rosacea may hit some people’s confidence and self-esteem hard. The all-to-familiar angry red rash on your face can leave you feeling self-conscious and thinking that everyone is staring at you. It’s all too easy to want to bury your face behind a scarf and glasses or stay inside.

You need to remember that very few people have perfect skin, and you can be sure that those with immaculate skin have other things they worry about.

So how can get your confidence back despite rosacea? Follow our top tips for ways to boost your self-esteem and feel comfortable within yourself with or without rosacea.


1. Keep calm

Stress can make rosacea symptoms worse and make the redness more visible. Try things like meditating or praying (if you’re religious) to give you inner peace and calm. Yoga is also a great practice to sooth your mind and in turn, will keep you feeling less stressed. Less stress means less redness will appear on your face.


2. Treat your skin with good products

Try to keep your skincare routine to a minimum. Many people with “problem skin” such as acne or eczema unknowingly are making their conditions worse by doing too much to their skin.  Things like harsh exfoliators will exacerbate your rosacea. Where possible, use products that are created for your type of skin. Always treat your skin gently.


3. Go under cover

You may be surprised but you can wear makeup even if you have rosacea. Look for brands that specialise in sensitive skin with minimal or no irritants in the ingredients, you don’t want to make your skin redder after all.

Using concealer, foundation, or cc cream such as our Sensitive Red Skin Tinted SPF 30 Cream can be a quick and easy solution to your rosacea. Within a few minutes you’ll be ready to face the day.


4. Avoid the triggers

If you’ve had rosacea for a while, then chances are you are pretty aware of what triggers it.

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The key triggers from a survey of 1,066 rosacea patients found that the top three triggers were:

Sun exposure: 81%

Emotional stress: 79%

Hot weather: 75%

So, if one or more of these makes your rosacea worsen then try and avoid them or take measures to lessen your exposure to them.


5. TLC

As a rosacea sufferer, it can be easy to just focus on the outward, surface layers of yourself.

But the inside is just as important. Make sure you’re eating healthily. If your rosacea flares up when drinking alcohol or eat spicy foods, then cut down on these or eliminate them entirely. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself, hold your head up high and smile.


For more information on rosacea take a look at our rosacea awareness infographic.

And for effective red skincare try one of our products from this special range.