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How serious is your acne?

Suffering from acne may be one of these struggles that won’t end when puberty does.

Adult acne is a thing, and common myths around it, leave us baffled and frustrated when trying to get rid of it.

Not all acne is the same, therefore it cannot be treated equally.

There are different types of pimples, the quality and quantity of which will determine the severity of your acne.

See below the characteristics of each type of acne based on severity, and if 3 or more bullets apply to your case, then -et voilà- that’s your type!


You are most likely to have Mild Acne if:

  • If your pimples are basically a handful.
  • They are mostly whiteheads or blackheads.
  • Even if there are red pimples, there are small without inflammation.
  • Skin blemishes feel superficial without any “deeper” roots.


Moderate Acne and its cues are the following:

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  • Inflamed breakouts on the chin, lower cheeks and/or forehead.
  • Other types of pimples make their appearance such as: papules, pustules, nodules, closed comedones.
  • Possible appearance of minimal scarring, or even dark spots on the skin.
  • Acne gets comes and goes or occasionally better or worse (before menstruation).


Or is it perhaps Severe?

  • The keyword here, is inflammation.
  • Blemishes are large, swollen, red, angry and feel deep.
  • Blemishes are also numerous and over the counter products don’t seem to work on you.
  • Chances are, there is prominent scarring on the skin.
  • There’s significant redness and inflammation on your skin.
  • There may appear cysts.


Figuring out the severity of the acne you’re suffering from, will help you decide which treatment best suits your skin.

Frezyderm sponsors the Acne Support by the British Association of Dermatologists, which offers impartial, expert advice on acne.