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How to tame Rosacea in the Winter

For those of us who suffer from Rosacea it is never easy.

It can be the spicy food (that tika masala!), hot beverages or even periods of our lives with too much stress that can cause our pink-ish face, turn reddish in minutes.

Rosacea flare ups are triggered by nearly everything that happens in real life, and the degree of control we have on them is most of the times limited.

However, dealing with Rosacea during winter or other skin conditions is a different kettle of fish.

Extreme cold, humidity and the dry environment that occurs due to heating in closed spaces doesn’t do us a favor when it comes to keeping the skin inflammation free.

We have gathered the best skincare tips to ease up on the severity of those winter rosacea flare ups.

Scarf is your friend

Cold wind will be harsh on the skin especially when it’s almost slapping it during windy days. This can cause irritations on the skin, therefore being bundled up as much as possible is highly recommended.

But not too warm either…

Protecting from cold is one thing but too much warmth is another; the latter is more likely to trigger Rosacea even more. Heat will further accentuate red veins and papules.

Especially when it is freezing outside, turning up the thermostat to its fullest is quite tempting, we’re not arguing on that at all. A too warm environment though, or a hot bath is a surefire way to have an irritated red face.



Dry atmosphere can also contribute to the occasional reddening od the skin.

Investing on a central or a cool mist humidifier will help restore a normal atmosphere for your skin.

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Do not forget the Sunscreen!

Sun exposure is one of the biggest Rosacea triggers even during the Winter months.

The sun still aggravates the sensitive skin even in winter, when it may not feel quite like it.

Apply at least an SPF 30 during winter months, especially if you enjoy winter sports as well.

Intense Hydration

Dry skin means skin that is prone to inflammation. The skin barrier is compromised making the skin more susceptible to any irritation. Applying a moisturizer daily will help protect and soothe the outer layer of the epidermis. Of course, you should use one that is without fragrance or other rosacea aggravating agents.

But not just when it’s winter or a flare-up is around the corner; apply 24/7 twice a day.

Avoid hot drinks and alcohol!

Nothing better than a hot cup of tea, along with some scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam! Yum! Hot drinks have a tendency of flushing you up in no time though. Try warm versus hot drinks and check your skin reaction to adjust accordingly.

Hot Mexican or Indian food are also huge triggers so opt for more blunt foods without too many spices.

Moreover, alcohol dilates blood vessels contributing to facial redness so try keeping your cocktail virgin!