7 Common Mistakes We’re All Making with Our Skin Care Routines

You may think you have your skincare routine down to a tee. But are you making any of these seven mistakes?


  1. Only wearing SPF on holiday or extra sunny days

We all know that UV radiation from the sun damages our skin irreversibly, causing wrinkles, sun spots and a loss in elasticity. But most people don’t know that UV rays can penetrate glass and clouds, meaning you could be exposing your skin to damaging rays even on cloudy days, or while driving.

It is a common misconception that wearing sunscreen can cause a vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, we believe SPF 50+ sun cream is the perfect addition to the majority of skin care regimes. If you have darker skin you may be fine dropping to a SPF 30. This will help you avoid premature ageing and long-term skin damage.


  1. Over exfoliating

It may feel quite satisfying to rub all those dead skin cells away, but you may be destroying healthy cells as well, causing dehydration and inflammation. Physical or mechanical exfoliation (granular or brush) should be done no more than 2-3 times a week, while chemical exfoliation can be done more regularly, but only at night time due to photosensitive ingredients. Our Volpaderm AHA Cream contains A & B hydroxyacids to chemically exfoliate for perfect, radiant skin. The days following any chemical exfoliation treatment, ensure you always apply a sunscreen to protect your skin.


  1. Picking spots

Hate that spot on your face now? Imagine how much more you’ll hate it if it leaves a scar forever! Resist the temptation to squeeze! You may introduce infection, or just create more inflammation. A smart alternative is to apply a topical spot treatment like AC-norm Spot Care for fast results.


  1. Sleeping with our makeup on

Your skin kicks into overdrive while you sleep, working to repair damage caused each day. This is why a night time skin routine is so critical – and why regularly falling asleep in your makeup can be such bad news. Clogging up your skin with cosmetics is effectively holding it back from doing what it does best. Always use a specialist make up remover to remove every last trace of the day


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  1. Using dirty brushes

Admit it, your make up tools aren’t as clean as you’d like them to be. It can be a faff washing and drying them, but these days there is no excuse with daily cleaning sprays. Don’t smear your face with last week’s makeup. It deserves more than that!


  1. Eating a poor diet

It’s a cliché for a reason, but you really are what you eat. Our skin needs a complex diet of nutrients and omega oils. Stocking up on rainbow-coloured fruits and vegetables, omega fats and selenium will give your skin the boost it needs.


  1. Applying creams in the wrong order

Each product in your skincare routine should work together – that’s why FREZYDERM’S products come in lines, for every type of skin.

Start with cleansing. Never skip this step, even if you don’t include the rest! It’s generally recommended to cleanse twice, once to remove dirt and/or make up, and twice to really clean your pores. Toner comes next if you use it. Serums and eye creams go under moisturisers to prepare the skin for the ingredients of the moisturiser.

Moisturising is a step no one should be skipping, with our skin constantly being exposed to free radicals moisturising not only prevents aging it allows our skin to absorb much needed vitamins and minerals. Finally, for the protective layer; a SPF sun cream, followed by a primer, if you do choose to use one under your make up.