How To Prevent Razor Burn

Shaving – a daily chore but great for your skin! It actually has some handy benefits. It exfoliates, stimulating skin cell renewal, as well as removing the buildup of dead skins cells that can clog pores and cause a feeling of roughness.

If you shave with bad technique, however, your suave close shave can quickly become an embarrassing red razor rash! Needless to say, this can really irritate your skin as well as knock your confidence.

Here is how to be kind to your skin and develop a foolproof shaving routine.


  1. Shave after showering

Shaving while the bathroom’s all hot’n’steamy has multiple advantages. Your hairs will be high in water content, softening them to the blade. Your pores will be open, meaning your hairs will stand up, making it easier to get at them close to the skin for a closer shave.

If you use an exfoliating product like FREZYDERM Facial Scrub, you can remove a lot of the dead skin and sebum that builds up on your skin before you shave. This will reduce friction by reducing the debris on your skin, and help keep your razor keen for longer by preventing clogging.


  1. Go with the grain to prevent razor burn

This is something you should definitely know by now. Even if you don’t have a lot of facial hair, you should still shave with the grain. This is because a row of hairs pointing towards the razor will divert the razor down into the skin as it cuts them. This makes it more likely you’ll remove a layer of skin cells – ouch!

Shaving with the grain has the opposite effect – as the razor goes through the hair, it will find less resistance moving up and away from your skin.


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  1. Stop skimping on blades

Yes – razors are expensive! But that’s because they’re high-precision instruments these days. Using a dull razor is asking for trouble as the thicker edge finds it harder to slice through hairs, meaning more friction and more irritation.


  1. Finish up with cold water

By washing your face with cold water after shaving, you’ll close up the pores you opened. This makes sure no dirt or bacteria can find its way into your pores, which will help reduce irritation and prevent acne. (Now is the time to pop on some aftershave, chaps!)


  1. Moisturise

Shaving can cause dryness by inadvertently scraping away your skin’s natural oils. These protect the skin and prevent it drying out, so after shaving your skin can get dry easily. Using a moisturiser will help keep your skin hydrated after shaving.


Try our Moisturizing creams for a rich, non-oily rehydration of your skin after shaving. It activates collagen and elastin production to help keep skin firm and supple.