Five Reasons Why You Need a Night Cream Now

Night creams have so many wonderful benefits that you just can’t get from creams designed for use in the day. Who would have thought you can do so much for your skin by closing your eyes and going to sleep!


  1. Your skin goes into repair mode

Just like your muscles after a gym session, your skin waits until the night to start repair works. During the day, your skin is exposed to pollutants, scratches and irritants, and it’s during the night that it regenerates.

This makes the night the perfect time to give the skin the essential nutrients it needs to repair – this is when it will use them most!


  1. Photosensitive ingredients

Night creams don’t have to contend with the sun’s radiation, which means they’re free to contain photosensitive ingredients which the sun would neutralize during the day. Ingredients like retinol react with sunlight during the day, reducing their effectiveness. But at night they are free to penetrate and nourish deep into your skin.


  1. More time to absorb

We can’t be walking out of the house, skin slathered in products! That’s why day creams are usually designed to be quickly absorbed by the skin. But most of us don’t mind how we look when we’re asleep, so night creams are free to be slower to absorb. That lets the active ingredients work on the skin for a much longer time, for much bigger benefits!


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  1. Makeup

Day creams shouldn’t get in the way of good makeup application. This really limits the kinds of formulations that day creams can have. Oily formulations, for example, make good makeup application particularly tricky.

Night creams don’t have to worry about this. They can be as rich, thick and heavy as they want, without having to worry about how makeup will look on top. This lets us pack them full of what your skin needs.


  1. No Protection Needed

Out in the big bad world, your skin needs protecting from the elements. Your day cream will be working hard to deflect the potential damages caused by sun, pollution and other irritants. But at night, these defensive ingredients aren’t needed, and therefore other actions can take priority, such as hydration and recovery.


Get started with your first night cream today. Try our Night Force A + E Cream, rich in vitamins A and E to fight the first appearance of wrinkles, or Anti-Wrinkle Rich Night Cream for more mature skin.