Live in the City? Here’s How to Proof Your Skin

With 80% of UK residents currently living in urban areas, it’s pretty likely you’ll know first-hand about air pollution. With millions of people living in busy and bustling cities and towns many are likely to experience pollution, especially air pollution.

Car fumes and factory smoke all go towards creating a pretty hostile atmosphere. Bad for the environment and guess what? It’s bad for your skin too.

To combat these daily effects on your skin’s health we’ve come up with some super ways to city-proof your skin:


What is air pollution?

Air pollution happens when gases, dust particles, fumes/smoke or odour are introduced into the atmosphere (much of which comes from traffic) are nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons, sulphur oxides (usually from factories), sand and dust particles, and organic compounds that can evaporate into the atmosphere.


How does it affect your skin?

Air pollution is made of millions of tiny particles that penetrate the skin, clogging pores making it hard for your skin to breathe. Clogged pores often result in blemishes, spots as well as generally dull looking skin, and who wants that?

Other effects on the skin caused by air pollution also include: decreased moisture and elasticity, acne, dry skin, eczema, skin allergies, rashes and wrinkles.

In a recent study by Prof Jean Krutmann, director at the Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Germany, found that traffic related air pollution contributes to skin aging signs, particularly brown spots (known to dermatologists as facial lentigines).


How can you prevent it?

One of the obvious ways to prevent air pollution’s effects to your skin is to avoid exposure. But if you live and work in a highly-polluted city or town it’s not often practical.

The next best thing is to wash and cleanse your face thoroughly after being outside.


How can you remedy the effects of air pollution on your skin?

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Our De-Make Up 4 in 1 is a great way to unclog your pores with daily use.

This gentle cleansing milk cleanses, tones, hydrates and refreshes the skin removing all make-up and daily grime and leaving no residue.

Our Facial Scrub cleanses the skin from any impurities after a day out in the city smog. The cooling gel formula contains jojoba grains in a perfectly spherical casing. This makes sure the scrub doesn’t aggravate your skin. Use 2-3 times a week.


Try home facial steaming

A great way to clear your skin is to do a home steaming treatment. Put some of your favourite essential oils into a bowl of hot water. If you don’t have any essential oils some herbal tea bags like mint or chamomile can work just as well.

Place the bowl on the table and drape a towel over your head as you bed over the bowl.

Make sure you are not too close to the hot water, but close enough to let the steam touch your face. Do these for around 10mins but no longer as it can aggravate acne and other skin conditions.  Doing this once a week is enough, don’t do it more than that. The steam will open and cleans your pores, ridding them of pollutants.

As well as a great way to clear your skin it’s always really refreshing, like a mini spa treatment at home.


Moisturise and protect

After steaming you can cleanse and tone. When you’ve washed and cleansed or steamed your face follow up with our Moisturising 24h Cream, a soft and rich cream that gives you long-lasting hydration and boosts collagen.

To complete your city-proofing skincare routine apply some of our Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays whilst leaving a soft, velvety touch to your skin.