Skincare in 2018

4 Top Skincare Trends for 2018

With the new year now underway, we take a look at some of the key trends to watch for in skin. From popular treatments and products through to emerging looks, we explore the top 4 trends that will be shaping the way 2018 will look.


Face masks

With social media trends such as the #SundayFacial rising on Instagram, more and more people are taking time out of their busy weeks to give their skin a treat.

Face masks are going to continue in popularity this year, so if you’ve not tried one then now is the time. Our AC-Norm Peel-Off Mask is created to cleanse oily and acne-prone skin. After applying, grease, grime, dead skin cells and blackheads stick to the mask as you remove it from your face. Leaving behind tightened pores and a matte finish.


Glass skin

One of the hottest trends to come from Korea is “glass skin”. This new K-beauty trend is taking over social media and sees many people go in pursuit of clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin, like a piece of glass. To achieve the look, you’ll need a great cleanser that will give skin a thorough and deep clean. Follow up with a facial scrub and some highly moisturising cream to get that healthy, dewy glow that’s essential for the glass skin trend.


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Interest in skin serums has really taken off and 2018 looks set to broaden the range and types of serums there are available. People are really taking an active interest in skin serums and are utilising these lightweight moisturisers as an elixir of skin that is firmer, smoother with smaller pores.


Naturally clean 

With clean eating and clean living both being popular trends, it’s no surprise this ethos has taken hold of skincare. 2018 is going to be a year of a ‘less is more’ aesthetic when it comes to makeup. Bold, garish eyeshadows will give way to more neutral tones of browns, beiges and pinks. Healthy, happy pink lips mean laying off the bright lipsticks and replying more on tinted lip balms.

Facial skin is looking to be more natural too with sun kissed, more subtle tans that give a refreshed glow. You can achieve this natural, sunny look by a short walk in the sun, but always make sure you have the proper sun protection. And instead of slapping on the makeup, try some lightweight coverage from the tinted skincare products by FREZYDERM.