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What happens when you don’t hydrate your face

Remembering to apply your moisturiser ranks just a tad more below than remembering to wash our face every night.

There may be days when our skin will scream its dehydration, by feeling tight. This is particularly relatable during winter or after using a harsh face wash.

However, there are more subtle ways for our skin to express its lack of moisture, such as the following:

  1. Dull & dry skin

it could be flaky or not, but it’s definitely not radiant, no matter how much highlighter you apply.

  1. More visible lines

Fine lines appear to be more visible on dehydrated skin, so wrinkles you already have that you didn’t really notice because your skin was moisturised and plump, will start to stick out more as your face dries out.

  1. …which can lead to more wrinkles…

Skipping your moisturiser could cause more wrinkles to develop. When your skin is dried out, your skin barrier is not adequately protected. This can cause breakdown of collagen, leading to premature ageing. Yikes!

  1. …and breakouts…

There’s a common misconception about oily acne prone skin not needing hydration . Quite the opposite is true. Dehydration can make acne worse, so instead of giving it up, just switch to an oil-free moisturiser.


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  1. Cakey make-up

If you’ve ever applied make up, you know what we’re talking about. A dehydrated skin will try to absorb as much moisture it finds available, meaning it will soak up your foundation, leaving dry patches. By moisturizing your face, you create a smooth canvas for your make up.


  1. More vulnerable skin

Our skin is the first defense against external aggressors. Moisturisers help the skin maintain its defense mechanisms intact and its PH at optimum levels.

Sometimes, we use harsh products such as like salicylic acid or retinoids to treat skin issues like acne, which may strip that extra layer of protection, ending up with reddish skin. Even in such cases a non-comedogenic moisturiser should be applied to protect and nourish.