Anti-Ageing routine in your 40s.

Hitting 40s is a huge milestone. Even if you feel that you have the heart of a teenager, and the body of a 20year old, the change in your face skin texture feels undeniable. The skin takes longer to bounce back when you pinch it, and you find yourself googling odd sounding skincare terms such as “tech neck”, “crow’s feet” or “marionette lines”.

All the above are signs that you are now on the threshold of a new era.

Whether you’ve been meticulous of your skincare routine throughout your 20s or/and 30s, or are just realizing you should start doing something immediately and have absolutely no clue what, we are here to enlighten you; some things you’ll maintain, some you’ll change, and some will be a brand new entry to your life.


Use a serum

You may have skipped the serum during your younger days when it didn’t feel urgent because perhaps you had that flawless skin.
During your forties, there’s a significance loss of collagen and the skin looks more dull. An anti-ageing serum is now crucial as it penetrates the skin better and can deliver those precious anti-ageing agents deeper and more efficiently into the skin.

Sleep well

This is an all-time classic piece of advice. However, as we age, cell regeneration is slowing down.

The 27 days it took our skin to regenerate now expands to 29-32.

During sleep, your body produces growth hormone which is responsible for your body’s repair mode.

If you don’t reach the deeper phases of sleep, cell damages accumulate which takes a toll on your physical appearance, accelerating the ageing process.



Aiding the process of skin renewal at this age, is vital and exfoliation should take place 2-4 times a week depending on your skin type. Fruid Acids make an excellent job revealing a new skin as they have the ability to penetrate the skin and dissolve the cellular cement that holds dead skin cells to the surface of our skin.


Wear age appropriate creams

We may have a favourite moisturizer that we’ve been using forever but our skin needs tend to change as we get older.

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woman applying serum

Research for a new moisturizer that will replenish your skin’s lost water and that is also specially designed for mature skin to address its needs effectively.

Wear sunscreen

We’re giving this piece of advice every single time. This is the no1 anti-ageing secret which may not sound fancy yet is the most efficient so far. Try one that’s also designed to blur out wrinkles.

Opting for a tinted one might even be a better idea to replace foundation that tends to be cakey (and accentuate wrinkles and lines).


Retinol or Vitamin A is considered a godsend in skincare, known for its science-backed anti-ageing properties; it encourages collagen production and cell renewal, leading to improvement in skin elasticity, firmness and fine lines getting smoother. It is used before bedtime, as it increases skin sensitivity to the sunlight!

If you spent your youth in sunbeds or at the beach neglecting the meticulous use of sunscreen, retinol is something to absolutely include in your day-today care.

Topical Retinol also improves naturally aged skin which make it an overall solid investment on your skin health.

Watch out for that neck!

Our neck and our hands are the first areas to betray our age.

You may have been religiously dedicating an extra pump of your moisturizer to your neck area for years or you may have just used it to wipe out your cream’s leftovers.

If you fall into the latter category, chances are your neck area feels so neglected that you should start nourishing it with its own cream.