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Post-holiday routine: Get ready for Autumn

Whether you’ve spent your summer holidays in beachy bliss, or nibbling fruit at your nearest park, your “post-holiday” skin is all the same; tanned or not, it craves hydration.

Right now, we are caught somewhere between post-holiday skin treatment and shielding it from the gradual drop in temperature. It feels like yesterday how you were still applying your body sunscreen and now suddenly, you feel the crisp chill right on your cheeks.

This is the right time to give to your skin what it craves.

Tackle sunspots asap!

if you were fortunate enough to have spent your holidays by the beach you may have now noticed in the mirror some spots, or your once-faded ones to have done a comeback. Now is the right time to tame them with a complete anti-spot treatment. It usually includes a deep exfoliating gel to remove dead skin cells and a topical whitening treatment to immediately tackle them.

– Add a hydration boost in your cleansing routine!

While you enjoyed more lightweight formulas in your skincare routine during the summer, a richer, more hydrating cleanser might be more suitable to introduce the autumn chills.

If you are more of a micellar water fan, opt for the ones that contain several hydrating elements.

– Humidifier

A humidifier might be a good investment for both your health and your skin. For the following months, the air in your flat will feel drier on your skin due to heating, hot showers or just the temperature difference compared to the outside.

-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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Quench your skin’s thirst with a good moisturizing cream that will offer dynamic hydration all day.

Just make sure to choose the right one according to your skin type and needs for optimal results. Your skin will reciprocate the kind gesture with radiating some healthy glow.

Introduce Autumn with new skin

While your dehydrated skin is struggling for some moisture, it is possible too many dead cells may have accumulated on the surface making every hydration attempt fail.

A hydrating cream with exfoliating agents such as fruit acids, will reveal a new rejuvenated skin to welcome Fall.

Make sure you show the same kind of love to your body as well…

SPF all year round!

Unfortunately, with sun damage there isn’t a reset button. It simply adds up overtime. Even on overcast and chilly days, 80% of sun UV rays come through making your skin more vulnerable for wrinkles, spots or even skin cancer. If you’re still prone to forgetting it, we would advise to combine it with a foundation or better yet a tinted sunscreen to eliminate the steps of your morning routine.