Suppose you’re aware of the basic steps of a proper morning skincare routine; still, there are some details (that you may or may not know or even skip) that can make all the difference in facial skin care.

These are the “must” bullet points of the morning skincare routine:

  • Clean hands

This should be a no-brainer, but often it is not. Simply imagine the starting point of your routine- your bare hands- to be dirty. Imagine all the potential bacteria or germs you may transfer. This could lead to exacerbate symptoms of acne or other irritations.

Remember: just because you’ve just gotten out of bed, it does not necessarily mean that your hands are clean.

  • Apply the product on the face, not on your hands

Remember you don’t need to rub the cleanser between your hands before washing your face, as this will lead to the product being absorbed from your palms.

  • Right water temperature

Lukewarm water is your best bet. Too hot a water and it will cause dryness and dehydration.

  • Do not rush

Whether gel, liquid, foam or even a -why not- anhydrous cleansing gel, it will take some time before you rinse it. Give it some time and gently massage the facial area with your fingertips before taking it off.

  • Beneath the chin.

This is one of the easiest areas to skip and neglect. Make sure you also rub gently the area beneath your chin. Rinse afterwards.

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  • What about the towel?

As far as face towels are concerned, these should be changed almost daily, washed, and ironed thoroughly to avoid skin irritations. If this sounds a bit too much work, you might want to try small face towels that are more practical and can be changed after each use.

  • Damp skin is more welcoming.

A damp skin will be able to absorb your skincare products in a more effective way. Your moisturizer will also lock in the moisture maximizing its action.

These simple, but game-changer tips will upgrade your morning skincare routine for good.