How Does Your Skin Respond to Temperature Changes?

Your skin is only a few millimetres thick, yet it is the largest organ in the body. It covers us from our heads to our toes, and acts as the first line of defense against injury and irritation. The skin also serves as the body’s natural thermostat – regulating temperature through the contraction of blood vessels and the process of sweating.

Put simply, skin is not just a pretty face. To keep it working efficiently, it’s important to keep it healthy. Here we take a look at some of the situations your complexion may encounter:


1. Cooler low-humidity weather

Humidity levels drop off during the autumn and winter months, which means there is less moisture in the atmosphere. This drier, colder air can wreak havoc with the skin. It provokes flakiness and dry patches, and can exacerbate already sensitive or eczema-prone skin. What can you do? Swap your lightweight summer moisturiser for something super-rich, nourishing and creamy. Try our Moisturizing 24H Cream laden with herbal extracts and ceramides, and boasting essential hydration.


2. Harsh central heating

That problem with low humidity and lack of moisture in the air gets worse the minute you crank up the heat on your radiators. Central heating can be incredibly dehydrating and leads to red, dry, and rough-textured complexions. Now, we’re not suggesting you sit in an igloo all winter long, but it is important that you give your skin some extra-special TLC. Try incorporating our Moisturizing Rich Cream into your routine. Its super rich formula makes it perfect for parched, thirsty complexions.


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3. Glaring sunlight

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to warmer climes this winter – don’t forget to protect your skin. The high temperatures and glaring sunlight on that cruise/beach/island hide-away will come as somewhat of a shock to your vitamin-D-deprived skin, so go easy. Make sure you pack some of our Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 50+. This soft face cream protects the skin along with giving a matte appearance for 6 hours. Follow up with some soothing After Sun Mousse to really give your skin the TLC it deserves.


At this time of year, when the mercury is plummeting, and the arctic winds are howling, caring for your skin becomes even more crucial. It’s essential to understand how your skin responds to temperature changes and how to combat any adverse effects. We at FREZYDERM make it our business to know the very best ways to care, protect, and revive your skin.


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