How to look like you’ve had more sleep than you actually have

Whether it’s an impromptu drink after work, or a young baby keeping you up, your face has a way of revealing to the world that you’ve missed some crucial hours of beauty sleep.

Although we may not be able to give you those precious hours of sleep back, there are some ways to revilatised your face, keep those eyes brightened and convince the world you got your full eight hours – even when you only got three!


  1. Radiate with exfoliation

While we sleep, our skin regenerates and heals. So give it a helping hand by using a gentle exfoliator when you wake up. Buff away those dead and dull tired cells with our Facial Scrub, and feel ready to start afresh.


  1. Deep hydration with serum

Serums are richer in active ingredients than moisturizing creams and can penetrate faster. Using a serum enhances the effects of the moisturiser you use later, so you really gain the full benefits. Our Revitalising Serum has both Siegesbeckia Orientalis & Rabdosia Rubescens extracts for brightness and radiance. Just what tired and dull skin needs!


  1. Lose the bags with eye balm

Those tell-tale dark circles under your eyes need bioflavonoids to activate microcirculation, and our Eye Balm is instantly absorbed for a visible reduction in puffiness and dullness. If you want an extra boost, apply a cold compress before application.

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  1. Brighten up with a tinted product

You’re tired, and may want to skip your full make-up routine, but applying a tinted cream such as Sun Screen Color Velvet Face SPF 50+ will give your skin a nice glow and protect against the sun. Tired people don’t glow, so it’s the ultimate disguise!


  1. Refuel

With your skin routine covered you now need to fill your insides with goodness; start with a fresh juice, followed by a nutrient-rich breakfast such as porridge. Oats contains plenty of nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Plus, oats can help neutralize acids in the body and raise blood sugar levels, giving you an instant energy boost!