What is the T-zone?

The T-zone is the part of your face that has the most oil secreting glands. It just so happens that these areas line up in the shape of a T! It’s made up of your forehead, nose and chin.


Oil glands

Your skin naturally secretes an oil called sebum. It keeps skin and hair waterproof, hydrated and protected from the elements. Too much of it however can make your pore clog, forming white- and blackheads.

If you produce too much sebum, your skin will feel grease and look shiny. But if many of your pores become clogged, then you might also have dry skin in some areas of your T-zone, as the skins oils are prevented from making it out of the pores.

Looking after your T-zone, then, is a really important step to having healthy skin.


How to keep your T-zone healthy

Annoyingly, the more you strip away sebum with strong scrubs, the more you stimulate your glands to produce sebum! That means you have to be a little sneakier about cutting down on sebum-caused spots and shiny skin.

Instead of tough scrubs, use an oil-regulating cleanser. Stripping your skin of its natural oils will simply leave it open to damage and stimulate more sebum. An oil-regulating cleanser, however, will just get rid of the excess sebum.

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FREZYDERM’s Ac-Norm Active Wash features Salix alba extract, which regulated sebum production in the glands, helping your skin keep the right amount of natural oils – not too much, not too little.


Moisturising the T-zone

You might think that since there’s so much oil in the T-zone, it’s a bad idea to apply moisturiser to it. If you use a specialist moisturiser, however, it can really help the condition of your skin.

A light, non-oily moisturiser won’t add to any excess oil and will prevent skin drying out after washing. Ac-Norm Aquatic Cream is non-comedogenic so won’t add to spots. Its salicylic acid will also help regulate sebum on the skin.