The Beauty Step We Keep Forgetting

When you’re busy it can be hard to make time to care for your skin. However, cleansing your face on a daily basis is essential for maintaining a healthy complexion.

The most important time to cleanse is in the evening before bed, when you remove all traces of makeup, toxins and daily grime, which allows your skin to renew during the night. Despite this, recent research revealed that a quarter of women sleep in their makeup more than three nights a week!


Why you should remove your makeup

Unless you use a specialist product, removing your make-up should be a separate step in your night time skin routine to cleansing. The side effects of not removing makeup can include a breakdown in collagen, which results in an increase of wrinkles and lines, clogged pores and spots and dry skin and lips.

Sleeping in makeup can also irritate the skin around your eyes, resulting in irritation and disturbed sleep. If you so want to be able to skip this step, try our De-Make Up 4 in 1 to be able to remove make-up and cleanse in one go!


The benefits of cleansing  

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Thoroughly cleansing your face removes the irritants that contribute to ageing and assists cell turnover, which results in a brighter and healthier looking complexion. Developing a good cleansing routine can also be seen as preventative; if you invest time into cleansing your face you are helping to maintain the health and appearance of your skin.


Perfecting your night time routine

In the evening, try and make time for a proper deep cleanse, this will remove all traces of makeup, daily grime and toxins. Make sure you allow enough time to thoroughly remove all traces of product from your face, and if necessary, repeat the cleansing process.

Once your skin is clean, you can apply a revitalising night cream that will aid your skin’s regeneration process as your sleep. Our range of night creams has been formulated to help revitalise the skin and prevent and reduce the signs of ageing for all skin types.