How to Maintain Good Skin during Fashion Week

If there’s one time you want to look your best, it’s for Fashion Week. Whether you are blogging, working or just drinking it all in, everyone wants to look good for the cameras.

Unfortunately, if you paid an evil genius to design a city that was bad for your skin, they would probably end up with something pretty close to today’s London. Illegal levels of air pollution and extremely hard water team up to give most Londoners a whole host of skin problems.

Luckily, help is at hand. Follow these tips to keep your skin glowing for your trip to this year’s London Fashion Week.


Travel Well

If you are coming to the city for Fashion Week, your skincare action plan starts as soon as you set off! The more stressful your journey, the worse for wear your skin will look. Planning well and resting up will make sure you arrive in top condition.

Make sure you stay well hydrated on long flights or trains. Pack travel-sized skincare products to make sure you can apply some in-transit TLC when needed. Just make sure your volumes are small enough to make it onto planes!


Cleanse More Often

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Whenever you get back from an event, make sure you cleanse. Central London will leave a lovely layer of pollutants on your face that need to be washed off asap! This means cleansing your face more often.

Whenever you get back from an event, make sure you cleanse to rid your skin of pollutants, which dry and age the skin. To avoid drying out with all that extra washing, use a more lightweight cleanser. We suggest our Mild Wash Liquid. Its mild formula is perfect for frequent use and for the sensitive skin.


Prepare for Hard Water

Calcium and Magnesium. Great in our diet, terrible on our skin and hair! Thanks to the mineral-rich land in the Thames Basin, London’s water is very hard, meaning it carries high levels of these minerals. They prevent your skin’s natural oils from doing their job, and clog up your pores. Bonus fact: Hard water also leaves deposits on your hair, leaving it dull and lacklustre.

To compensate, make sure you up your moisturising game. Our Moisturizing 24h Cream will leave the skin feeling rehydrated, soft and toned. You can also buy a disposable filter to place on your shower that will make the water softer. If you can’t find one, then try rinsing off your face with bottled water – or if you’re feeling less decadent, filtered tap-water.