The Importance of Having a Night Time Skincare Routine

We all know that daily skincare is important. From cleansing and toning through to moisturising, you probably do it all. But did you know that night skincare is just as important?

You probably think that the same skincare routine you do in the morning is just as good before you go to bed at night? Thing again.


Why do you need a night time skincare routine?

Your skin is different when you wake compared to when you go to bed. When you go to bed your skin has been to all the things the day has to throw at you. From air pollution and sweating on public transport to drying office air conditioning, your skin will most likely be as tired as you feel by the end of the day.

In the mornings, your skin has had time to rest too so is in a completely different state to the night before.


What should your night-time skincare routine consist of?

Your pre-bedtime skincare routine should focus on deep cleansing to rid your pores of all the day’s grime that’s built up on your face.

If you wear makeup then it’s essential to remove all of it before you go to sleep. Our De-Make Up 4 in 1 is a gentle cleansing milk that tones, hydrates and refreshes the skin as well as cleansing it of daily dirt and even waterproof make-up.

Before bed is a great time to use products that cause photosensitivity, so if you have dark spots and use lightening creams, then now is the ideal time to harness their effectiveness safely.


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Make the most of anti-ageing creams

Using anti-ageing creams at night is also a perfect way to make the most of the product’s active properties as the skin does a lot of its healing and rejuvenation whilst you sleep.

Our Age Repair Set is ideal for using before bed to repair signs of ageing.  The two products work together to increase the production of collagen as well as stimulating skin cell renewal, helping to repair the skin’s signs of ageing.

And if ageing skin is a key focus then you’ll probably want to pay some TLC to the skin around your eyes. Our Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream works by firming and regenerating the skin, whilst giving essential moisture and minimising wrinkles. A perfect pre-bedtime treat for your eyes.


Moisturisers, as always

Skin hydration is essential for great derma health, and bedtime is good time to make the most of skin cream’s moisturising. Our moisturising face creams are soft and refreshing, leaving your skin wonderfully rehydrated.

Now that you know what you should be doing you can start incorporating a great night skincare routine before you hit the sack tonight.