5 Cleansing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

When it’s the end of a long day and the only thing you want to do is fall into bed and lay your head on the pillow, stop! Your face is not nearly as ready for bed as you are. And as you begin the cleansing process make sure these are not the common mistakes that you are making.


  1. Not washing your hands before

Think of all the things your hands touch in a day. Whether it’s using public transportation, cooking, shopping, or as simple as going to the toilet. Your hands come across a lot of things in a day and then to use those hands to wash your face is one of the top mistakes people make when cleansing.  Before you start your cleansing, make sure your hands are freshly washed with soap and warm water, removing dirt.


  1. Not removing all your makeup

Removing all your makeup is the most crucial step in the cleansing process. Failure to get it all removed would make washing it completely pointless. When you cleanse make sure you’re removing every bit of makeup because even the smallest traces of makeup left on the skin can cause acne. Our De-Make Up 4 in 1 will make sure that every last spot of makeup is gone.


  1. Hot washes

We know it’s tempting to make your water hot and steamy, just as you do when washing so many other things. But in fact, your face is the opposite and needs to be treated with care. When the water is too hot it can cause a bit of shock for your skin and mess with its natural oil production, which can lead to red marks and irritation. Our Mild Wash Liquid mixed with lukewarm water would be the perfect combination.


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  1. Rubbing too aggressively when drying

“Pat, don’t rub! Pat don’t rub!” Remember this mantra when cleansing. Rubbing the skin and that can lead to irritation and redness. Also, make sure that you are using a clean towel every time you dry off your face after cleansing.


  1. Not locking in moisture when you are finished

It is important that the perfect cleansing routine ends with moisturiser. When you cleanse your skin, you remove all the moisture from it and without replenishing this it can lead to irritation and redness. When you cleanse your pores naturally open and that is the state at which they receive moisture the best, taking it in and repair any damage you may have. This is one of the most over-looked steps of the cleansing routine. Our Moisturizing 24H Cream will ensure that your face gets rejuvenated and repaired.


Avoid these common cleansing mistakes, follow our advice and wait for the results of beautifully cleansed skin.