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The Best Home Remedies for Spots

As anyone with spots and acne will know, a breakout can happen at any time, anywhere and often with little to no warning. As experts in all things skin, we understand how annoying, frustrating and sometimes even upsetting this can be.

When you get a spot, it’s worth trying one of the following home remedies to stop it from getting worse and maybe even help clear it up faster. Along with these many methods, we suggest giving one of our products from our Ac-Norm range a go, especially created for acne-prone skin.


Home steam clean

A great way to open up those pores, making dirt and grime easier to cleanse away is to have a mini steaming session at home.

Fill a small bowl with water hot enough to steam (please be careful that you don’t burn yourself). Add some of your favourite essential oils, herbs, green tea or lemon slices for added luxury if you wish.

Then take a clean towel and drape it over your head, whilst your face is bent over the bowl of water. Make sure you leave a bit of space between your face and the water, ideally around 6”. Close your eyes, relax and let the steam open up your pores for 5-10mins. This simple but effective treatment is ideal for a once a week treat, but no more than that. A good facial cleansing mask should follow, now that the pores are fully open and at its peak, allowing you to truly go further in removing excess sebum at the surface of the skin.


Treat the spots with tea tree oil

“Put oil on my already oily skin?” may be the first thing you think of with this treatment, but yes, this is what we’re suggesting. Tea tree oil may seem greasy at first, but it soon becomes dry. With a clean cotton pad or bud apply a few drops of the essential oil to the spot and leave on.

Tea tree is perfect for drying the skin naturally, is antibacterial and reduces swelling and inflammation, making it perfect if you’re got a particularly angry red spot.

If you have any open sores, cuts or sensitive skin this treatment is not right for you.

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Increase your zinc intake

Acne and spots can sometimes be your body’s way of telling you you’re not eating enough of the right foods it needs. There is a lot of research out there suggesting that zinc supplements can help people clear their skin and reduce acne. So along with a healthy diet, try and take some zinc supplements to give your health an extra boost.


Take up green tea

As you probably already know, green tea is very high in antioxidants, and drinking it is believed to promote good health. Along with drinking green tea, it’s a surprisingly good toner too, particularly for spot prone skin.

Steep some green tea in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Leave the tea to cool down completely, then you can use a cotton wool ball or spray bottle to apply directly on your skin. Leave the tea on your skin until dry then rinse off with cold water and pat dry.

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