Suncare routines that prevent skin disease

Suncare routines that prevent skin disease

While small amounts of sunlight can be beneficial to your health by providing you with essential vitamin D too much sun exposure can potentially result in premature ageing and the development of skin diseases such as melanoma.

Despite these risks, there are a number of routines and lifestyle choices you can make to ensure your skin is fully protected in the sun.

Seek the shade

During the British summer the sun is at its hottest and brightest between 11am and 3pm. It is important to think about how you can best protect your skin, when outside, during these times. Trees, canopies and buildings will all help provide suitable shade.

Wear protective clothing

If there is no available shade the best way to protect your skin is with clothing. T-shirts, hats and sunglasses all provide effective protection from the sun.

When wearing protective clothing it is important to consider how much protection each garment will provide. Fabrics with closer weaves are more likely to keep the sun off the skin. Wearing a t-shirt while swimming may give your skin extra protection, but fabric stretches when it becomes wet so it is important to change soon after.

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Babies and young children should always wear wide brimmed protective hats in the sun.

Wear sunscreen everyday

The sun’s rays can impact the skin throughout the year. We would recommend wearing a sun lotion with an SPF of at least 15 all year round, increasing the SPF during spring and summer.

The facial skin is particularly delicate, so you may wish to choose a sunscreen that has been created to protect the skin, whilst also having great cosmetic effects. Our Velvet Sunscreen range has been especially formulated to provide a smooth, non-greasy base for makeup. If you’re looking for light coverage our range of tinted suncreens cover imperfections and have an SPF of 50.

Your body and limbs, in particular your décolletage and back, need to be protected from the sun by a high factor sunscreen.