The Number One Cause of Skin Ageing

Intrinsic and extrinsic ageing

The skin ages in two ways. One is the natural process of ageing, also known as intrinsic ageing. As we become older the skin loses its youthful plumpness, strength and flexibility and becomes dryer and thinner as our natural supplies of collagen and elastin decline.

Although we can’t reverse the natural process of ageing there are a number of lifestyle and environmental factors that also influence how we age and can cause our skin to age prematurely, this is known as extrinsic ageing. The number one cause of extrinsic ageing is sun exposure.

How UV exposure ages the skin

Although tanned skin may appear healthy, it’s a sign that the sun’s ultraviolet rays have penetrated and damaged the structure of your skin. UV rays break down collagen and elastin and slow down the production of new collagen, slowing the skin’s repair process and weakening the skin.

UV radiation is also believed to cause DNA damage to our skin cells, which has an impact on the protective function of our skin, as the collagen malfunctions and incorrectly repairs the skin resulting in wrinkles forming.

The process of photoageing

Skin damage through sun exposure is a long process that occurs throughout our lives, as changes to the skin occur each time the skin is exposed to the sun. These changes include dryness, freckles, sunspots and rough and reddish patches.

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When sun exposure impact the skin

It is often believed that the sun damage only occurs following long periods of sun exposure and intentional sun tanning. However we are constantly exposed to UV rays whenever we are outside, even driving in daytime can result in skin damage, as UV rays are not blocked by glass.

The long-term effects of UV exposure

Continual UV exposure not only prematurely ages your skin, but also puts you at greater risk of skin cancer. The skin doesn’t forget any UV damage it is exposed to, and the risk of visible damage and skin conditions accumulates over time. This means it is important to use an SPF product of at least 15 on exposed skin every day, even during the colder months.

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