You’ve Been Applying Sun Cream Wrong This Whole Time!

A recent survey by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) found that Brits have no idea how to apply sun cream. Maybe this explains why 72% of all Brits have been sunburned in the last 12 months – that’s a lot of skin damage!

At FREZYDERM, we’re really passionate about sun safety. That’s why we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of sun care products on the market. And being founded in the sweltering climes of Greece, we know a thing of two about staying safe in the sun.


How bad are we in the UK?

The BAD report is not good news for UK skin. 80% of us don’t apply sun cream before leaving the house but just after we get in the sun, and 70% of us don’t reapply after 2 hours.

It seems that people in general are poorly versed on how to look after their skin in the sun. As Doris Day, a New York Dermatologist, said, “If you use SPF 50, you really get the protection of an SPF 20 based on how people actually apply it.”

In fact, BAD found that most people apply less than half the amount of sun cream required to provide the protection advertised on the product.

So how are you meant to apply sun cream? You might be surprised.


How to apply sun cream the proper way

Firstly let’s look at how much sun cream you need to use.


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How much sun cream should I use?

You need to apply at least six tea-spoons of sun cream across your whole body:

  • ½ tsp per arm
  • ½ tsp on the face, ears, throat and neck
  • 1 tsp per leg
  • 1 tsp on your stomach and chest
  • 1 tsp on your back

These numbers add up to around 6 tea-spoons, or 36 grams. These are the minimum amounts – you should be adding to this for good protection.


How often should I apply sun cream? 

It is important to apply sun cream 30 minutes before going outside to make sure it dries on your skin. Then, just after you’ve unrolled your beach towel, reapply to ensure a thick, even coating. After this, it’s every two hours. If you swim, or dry yourself (like after a sweaty game of beach cricket), then it’s time to reapply again! A bottle of sun cream should last no more than 10 days if you are going outside often when the UV index is high.


From innovative spray-on formulations that make application a breeze to baby sun creams with calming chamomile, we have the sun protection for all skin types this summer. Have a look at our sun care products today!