How to Beat the Heat

How to Beat the Heat

While some of us love summer, some of us have bangs or have to get the Northern Line every day. If this is you, you’ll know summer can be your biggest enemy.

It’s time to fight back. Don’t let the sun make you lose your cool this year. These are some of our favourite tips for how to beat the heat.

  1. Waterproof all the way

If it’s June and you’re still relying on your big winter coat to protect you from spontaneous summer downpours, get a lightproof waterproof jacket already! They’re low on insulation but high on plastic, keeping the rain out but letting the heat escape.

The same goes with sun screen, ensure you choose a water-resistant product such as Velvet Face SPF 50+.

  1. Extra planning

In the Mediterranean, people tend to run at a more relaxed pace that us frantic Londoners. There’s a good reason: in hot places, people know that beating the heat needs a little more patience and a little bit of extra planning!

Give yourself extra time when travelling in the depths of summer. If you don’t have to run for a train or stress about making the meeting, you’ll find yourself cooler, calmer and under control. Don’t run for that next train – there’s another one in 3 minutes!

  1. Fabrics

The clothes that you wear will make all the difference at the peak of the summer. Ditch the synthetic fabrics and denim and replace them with cooling cotton. Cotton has the great advantage of being breathable, meaning it absorbs sweat, allowing it to then evaporate, keeping you cool.

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  1. Ultra-hydration

We all know that water is the key to great hydration, and that great hydration will help you to not faint whilst you’re stood up on those long commutes on the tube. But don’t just think that it’s only about how much water you drink, there’s loads of water in food, too. Here are some great foods to eat if you want to stay hydrated and beat the sun:

  • Strawberries: They’re 92% water!
  • Broccoli: 91% water and has anti-cancer properties
  • Cucumber – wait for it: 96% water
  1. Sun down skin care

The evening can be one of the most uncomfortable times when it’s warm, and particularly if it’s humid!

To keep the sweat at bay, we’d recommend accessorising with a stylish new blotting paper (some choice recommendations here), and – as a secret weapon – keep a bottle of the Anti-Thermal Water Mist in your bag. It’s active ingredients increase and enhance your skin’s natural defences in the sun.

So there you have it: our guide for how to beat the summer heat! We’re going to be posting about summer skin care survival all summer long, so come back to our blog for more regular updates!