The wonderful Anita Brand is a hair and makeup artist who has worked with some of the biggest beauty mags out there! She’s also a huge fan of FrezyDerm.

We had a chat with Anita about the troubles of mixing sun cream with makeup, keeping acne at bay and what her clients ask her the most.


FrezyDerm: Anita, how long have you worked in the industry?

AB: I have been a Makeup and hair stylist for more than 12 years. I have worked for magazines such as Glamour, Lucky, Vogue, Hello, Life&Style, Status, Men’s Health, Women’s Health  and more! The past few years, beside catalogue shootings and campaigns, I have been focusing on building my career in television.


FD: What was the first FrezyDerm product you used, and how do you use it now?

AB: My first ever FrezyDerm product was the facial sunblock, Velvet Face. Since I have very pale, oily skin I need SPF 50 every day and we all know the higher the SPF the thicker the consistency of the cream.

I was always looking for a matte finish in sun care products. Then I found the Velvet Face SPF 50 and have never separated from it since. Because of its velvety texture it makes my skin appear smoother, it almost works like a face primer but it also protects my sensitive skin from the sun.


FD: Do you use any other FrezyDerm products?

I used to have facial acne that wouldn’t go away, no matter what help I received. I tried different doctors, different treatments and since I did not want to take the pills for acne I decided to take actions into my own hands! I thought I had nothing to lose.

A pharmacist friend of mine introduced me to FrezyDerm’s line for acne. To tell you the truth I didn’t believe that it would work, but it did!!!

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I have used the ac-norm active cleanser, the ac-norm Medilike Effect 3 Cream and I still use the ac-norm Medilike Effect 1 Cream every evening even though my skin is now clear of acne.  If I have a zit I always have in my car the ac-norm Spot Care to put on.

I am also using the Sea Side Dry Mist SPF 50+. I love the fact that it is a spray so no mess when applied!


FD: What would be your top skincare tip for others?

Drink lots and lots of water and do a lot of CLEANING!!! Just clean your face even multiple times a day if you can, then hydrate and use sunscreen! As a makeup artist I find it incredible if someone has a beautiful, clean, acne-free, spot-free skin!


FD: What questions do your clients ask you about the most?

The most common is about hydrating the skin or what to use on very oily skin.


You can follow Anita’s amazing blog here. Be sure to keep up with her most recent work on her official Facebook page! We know we will be.