What Are You Doing to Protect Your Skin this Summer?

Whether you’re going on holiday to somewhere hot and sunny or just staying home this summer, it’s important to take care of your skin.

The summer sun can do all sorts of damage to your skin. From relatively harmless effects like freckles and liver spots through to premature aging and even skin cancer, we take a look at the best ways to look after your skin this summer.


Wear sunscreen

Sun care really begins with sunscreens. UV rays can severely damage skin. UVA is responsible for premature aging, and UVB can cause burning and is known to contribute to skin cancer.

Our Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 50+ gives transparent protection along with a matte appearance. This sun screen is perfect for daily facial care all year round along with summer.

Of course, it’s not just the face that is at risk from skin damage. Any part of your body that isn’t covered is going to be exposed to the sun’s harmful ray. Our Sun Screen Invisible Spray has SPF50+, protecting your skin’s DNA whilst strengthening the DNA repair mechanism.  Spritz this on your arms, legs, neck, shoulders and pretty much anywhere your skin is likely to see daylight.

Make sure you don’t forget places that are often neglected like your feet, ears and upper hands. The skin of these areas is generally thin, delicate and more susceptible to sun burn and skin damage.


Pop a hat on

A classic straw sun hat is a great way to keep the sun off your head and face. Whether you’re hitting the beach this summer or going out and about down, a hat gives a great line of defence against the summer sun.

If you don’t think hats suit you, feel free to try out a headscarf for an old Hollywood starlet look.

Hats not only shade your face but if you’re a balding man then exposed areas of the scalp will be well protected too.


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Look after your lips

The summer sun’s rays can be really drying on your lips. Not only can they leave them cracked but they can seriously damage them.

Protect your pout this summer with a Lip Balm. The high SPF gives your lips the essential protection they need along with great hydrating effects.


Avoid the sun at between 10am and 2pm

This time of the day is when the sun is at its most strong and is more likely to give you sunburn. If you have to be out and about during this time then make sure you have enough protection with sun screen, sunglasses, hat and by staying in the shade whenever possible.


After sun care

If you’ve been in the sun for a while, using some after sun products is a great way to limit sun damage and rejuvenate dry skin.

Our range of after sun products offer something for everyone after time in the summer sunshine.