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Finally, summer. The tube is hotter than ever, and London parks seem to be becoming the most densely crowded places in the city. We ourselves feel like going lighter. In the supermarket, we find ourselves opting for the fruit & veggies section rather than the candy shelve. We want our bodies to be touched by lighter, breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton when wearing our workwear, and shorter dresses and skirts seem the way to go for a city walk. The same goes with our face, when we can’t bear to wear a full face make up anymore. It feels heavy, and it doesn’t seem to stay long anymore…

Well, after the following checklist, you can give your cosmetics bag a pass for this summer…


  1. Eyebrows

We just can’t stress enough how important eyebrows are. They frame your face and can make it appear more proportioned. A good pair of evenly shaped ones will make your eyes pop and highlight your features. They are also the first thing people notice about your face and can determine how attractive you are. Research has shown that the symmetry of the face is linked to the attractiveness overall, as it’s been correlated to health and prosperity. If you wish to go bare-faced this summer, well-groomed eyebrows are a must in order to look put-together.


  1. SPF

One of the most upsetting news in the history of beauty upsetting news, is how much the sun can age us. The sun UV rays may cause up to 80% of our total wrinkles and age spots. Whatever your skin tone or age, you should religiously apply sunscreen every single day, even if going to the office on a cloudy day. Choose a breathable sunscreen with a tint that will adapt to all skin tones, smooth out skin blemishes and leave you with a matte complexion.

For those events that will most likely require the use of a foundation add a finishing stay-on spray to make your make-up pull an all-nighter and make sure some oil-absorbing sheets are in your purse. For those with an oily skin in particular, you might want to add an extra protective layer by applying a specialized primer before the foundation.


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  1. Eyelashes

Our eyelashes’ primary job is to protect the eyes from dirt, pollution and pollen. We, on the other hand, tend to be more focused on their beauty-enhancing properties. We all want them to be more voluptuous, longer and thicker. And unless you were so lucky, as to have been born with them, you’re more likely to be seeking ways to achieve Kim Kardashians’ sky-high lashes. During summertime though, your favorite mascara tends to get runny and smudgy. For those of us who once opted for waterproof mascaras, we later regretted it, after we found out how painful and time-consuming can get to take it off. For summer stunning eyelashes, we’d recommend magnetic eyelashes or an eyelash treatment- but only with a trusted expert. For those of you, who just need an extra “oomph”, an eyelash-curler will be your summer buddy. Just be careful enough to always curl away from the root.


  1. Eyes

Ditching the foundation during summer feels like a gutsy yet empowering move. However, it can be daunting to abandon the concealer, as dark circles can make the rest of the world suddenly pointing out how tired we look. Some cucumber slices under the eyes and a good night’s sleep will relieve some of the puffiness of the eyes. Furthermore, you can choose an anti-puffiness eye cream that combats dark circles while offering a natural tint to enhance their appearance.


With these tips you can go make-up free this summer, while looking radiant and glowing.