white paeonia

Superstar ingredient: Paeonia

Peony or Paeonia, is a 4000 years old flower with a delicate appearance; it looks like a fluffy rose oozing a gentle aroma.

In China, Peony was a symbol of nobility and was used to decorate temples, embroidery, homes and gardens, but its name originates from a Greek myth, about the physician of the Gods, Paion.

Due to its complex chemical composition, consisting of flavanoids, essential oils, saponins, tannins, starch, calcium, iron, organic acids, nickel, resins etc., Paeonia was used as herbal medication in ancient years.

Nowadays, Peony is used in Medicine for its strong sedative and calming properties, to relieve neurological disorders, strained nervous conditions or even nightmares, and high blood pressure. Its infusion is used to alleviate gastro-intestinal disorders, liver ailments and even as an antidote to some poisons.

In recent years, White Peony’s extract has been of great interest in Dermatology.

It contains an antibacterial compound, paeonol, with anti-inflammation and anti-fungal properties which is used to treat wounds, skin irritations and inflammations. The extract of petals has a regenerative, softening and moisturizing effect.

Studies have either shown that White Peony, has helped with skin depigmentation, or helped with psoriasis by inhibiting inflammation. The white peony extract enhances the epidermal barrier, reduces transdermal moisture loss and improves skin hydration mechanisms.

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Another study showed that symptoms of Sjögren’s syndrome were relieved. Symptoms include dry mouth, chronic dry skin and eyes, muscle or joints pain and potential swelling.

Of course, more studies need to be conducted, but it seems there are many potential skin benefits for the skin.

Lately, you might notice cosmetics or skincare products, such as face creams or sunscreens, that are enriched with Paeonia Albiflora extract. Such products, apart from their main purpose, also help activate the natural defense mechanisms of the skin, tonifying and protecting the epidermis.

Who knew that such a beautiful flower, would also benefit our skin?