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Whether never-ending plunging, splashing, carefree play and beach sports or carefree walks under the sun, Summertime is a period loved by both adults and children… However, the sizzling sun of your hot holiday destination  won’t do any favours to your loved ones’ skin. Thus, you should always enjoy the sun with caution.

Your fool-proof guide to sun protected happy children

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  1. Hat, sunglasses, a t-shirt, are always a must for when children are exposed to the sun.
  2. Shade, shade and some more shade… though quite challeging for your indefatigable little explorer who won’t stand still or convinced to sit under the umbrella easily, it’s crucial for their protection.
  3. Hydrate from within. With water and fresh juices or fruit to avoid dehydration.
  4. Try to avoid the beach between 10.00 and 16.00. These are the hours when the sun’s rays fall vertically, and the skin is even more vulnerable to burns. Do not forget that children’s skin is 5 times thinner than adult skin and has not yet developed defense mechanisms against sunburn and future skin diseases.
  5. Always sunscreen! Choose a broad spectrum, very high sun protection factor, sunscreen with a formulation that is specially designed for their delicate, ultra-sensitive skin or perhaps opt for one sunscreen for the entire family such as our Sea Side Dry Mist SPF 50+ that is directly sprayed on wet skin (no more interacting their play to pat them dry)
  6. Sunscreen application before leaving. In particular, 20-30΄ before heading out to give it some time to kick in.
  7. Sunscreen everywhere. Even in more difficult spots such as knee pits, the area behind the ears, under the t-shirt etc.
  8. Adequate Sunscreen. 1 teaspoon on the face, 2 tbsp on the body, as a rule of thumb for effective sun protection.

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  1. Sunscreen under the umbrella and in the shade. A big part of UV rays penetrate the umbrella cloth (depending the cloth material and colour of course) and also the coulds reaching the child’s skin.
  2. Sunscreen Renewal. For children, the sunscreen should be reapplied every 1 hour or right after they get out of water regardless of when the last application took place.


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By following these basic rules for the optimal sun protection of your children, you can help them enjoy an unforgettable, fun summer!