Shovels, rakes and bulldozers are ready for the next enormous sand constructions, beach volley playoffs have already started, and water wings are filled with air, so all set for this year’s children’s trip to the beaches. And while our little friends will be enjoying summer games and sports, their skin will be effectively protected under the hot sun. If you’re searching for kids’ sunscreen, the following guide will help you find what suits their needs and preferences.


Choose a sunscreen that…

  • Offers broad-spectrum sun protection: that is, from both UVB and UVA radiation, to which the continuous exposure can have harmful effects (now and in the long term) on the skin. After all, children’s skin has not yet developed the natural defense and self-protection mechanisms, like adult skin.
  • Respects the physiology of sensitive children’s skin: Being thinner and more sensitive than adults’ skin, children’s skin has special needs that demand sunscreen products with compositions specially designed for its increased needs.
  • Has easily applied textures: so, on the one hand, it offers comfort and cosmetic pleasure to children’s skin, on the other hand, the quick application helps our little friends not lose time from their favorite game by the sea.
  • Is practical to use: an ergonomically designed sunscreen that offers flexibility and easy application to a kid’s skin (without the need of a “user manual”!), which also translates into less “intervention” in playful moments.
  • Comes in the preferred form: you can choose either a cream sunscreen or a spray sunscreen or… both! The new Kids Sun Care Cream Spray SPF 50+ has hybrid technology to convert from a spray to a sprayable cream. Thanks to its special targeted spray pump, transforms the cream into micro-droplets for uniform and faster application, without the product rolling on the skin. At the same time moisturizes the skin, leaving a pleasant, light, non-sticky feeling, offering high antioxidant protection, for prevention and restoration from the harmful effects of solar radiation.


Finally, don’t forget the classic children’s sunscreen options that offer very high sun protection with a thin fluid texture for easy application:

Kids Sun Care SPF 50+ and Kids Sun + Nip SPF 50+ for protection against beach insects.

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Whichever sunscreen ticks your needs, remember to:

  • spread it on the child’s skin 20-30′ before exposure to the sun, so that it has time to act.
  • also apply it under the t-shirt as part of the solar radiation penetrates clothes.
  • apply it in a “brave” amount: 1 tbsp. on the face, 2 tbsp. in body and limbs
  • renew it every 1 hour and definitely after swimming/wiping with a towel.
  • cover the hard spots: elbows, soles, behind the knees, ears, and the area behind them.
  • accompany it with a hat and a pair of glasses.
  • avoid sun exposure of children 10:00-16:00, when the sun falls vertically.

The question: “Kid’s sunscreen: How to choose the proper sunscreen for my kid?” was answered and this summer our little friends are putting on the imagination awhile FREZYDERM is putting on the protection.