10 Ways To Get Fit Outside In London

10 Awesome Ways to Get Fit Outside in London this Summer

Not much beats enjoying some coveted summer sun in London, so why not create and share some inspiring #SummerMoments with the exciting outdoor fitness opportunities that London Town has to offer this summer!

Getting outside to get fit is fun, social and great for your Vitamin D levels. Careful exposure to sunlight can strengthen your immune system, help combat depression and release all of those happy chemicals: endorphins. So slap on protective sunscreen such as Sun Screen Velvet Face 50 SPF and get outside!

1. Outdoor Fitness Collective

The Outdoor Fitness Collective runs London’s only exclusively female cycling club. The annual membership is £50, and rides start from Richmond Park. Get your wheels buffed, your helmet out of the loft and start cycling this summer!

2. Rooftop Yoga Picnic

Attend a weekly Rooftop Yoga Picnic every Sunday, at Dalston Roof Park. An hour of yoga, followed by a delicious cooked breakfast. Weather isn’t an excuse either – they have a cunning backup plan up their sleeve!

 3. GoodGym

A group of runners who get fit by doing good. Welcoming to every ability; you’ll run, do a good deed, and run back. They also run a befriending service, where you run to meet your ‘coach’ each month, and give someone who needs come company a friendly regular visitor!

4. Our Parks

Our Parks’ classes are all free, and range from Hula Fitness, Yoga, Buggy Fit, Street Dance and Box Fit, there really is something for everyone. Had you realised your local councils had started such fun outdoor activities? We hadn’t either!

5. Gorilla Circus

Gorilla Circus has a philosophy of making circus accessible for all, so grab your trainers and trapeze! (What? You don’t have a trapeze?) From May to September they are based in Regent’s Park, and they also do trampoline classes.

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6. Parkour Generations

Parkour isn’t just for the cool kids, so get yourself signed up for a class with Parkour Generations and start leaping around with abandon! They run classes in all specialities, from balance & accuracy, women’s only, beginner and youth.

7.  Wild Fitness

Every Saturday get yourself down to Hampstead Heath for a Wild Fitness Movement Jam: a two hour session helping you use nature as a tool to stimulate your primal senses. Each week has a different focus, so make sure you don’t just go once!

8. Move Your Frame

The uber-trendy Frame also appreciate the power of taking your fitness outside, and are running a monthly Breakfast Barre session on the banks of the Regents Canal. These tickets are available two weeks prior to each session, so set a timer on your phone to remind you; these will book out.

9. Fight Club Fitness

The first rule of fight club is that you tell everyone about fight club so that you don’t chicken out! Elite Outdoor Fitness host fight clubs in 4 London parks, and they cater for all abilities. You’ll be punching and kicking, working in partners and teams, while having fun of course. It’s a blend of kick boxing, boxing, martial arts and self-defence. You’ll certainly feel like you can take on the world once you’ve completed this 60-minute workout.

10. British Military Fitness

If you’re looking for some serious fun while getting fit outside, how about British Military Fitness? You’ll work on stamina, speed, agility and strength, with about 15 other people. Don’t be nervous, you get divided into ability groups at the start, as long as you turn up, ready to give it your best, you’ll be welcomed and supported!