Five Best Parks for a BBQ in London!

When you’re out for the first big barbecue of the year, it’s not just the sausages you have to worry about burning! If you’re out all day enjoying the sun, make sure you stay hydrated and reapply sun cream every two hours!

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You can’t set up a BBQ just anywhere, of course. So to help you enjoy your BBQs this summer, we’ve made a list of the best places in London to get out the grill.

Highbury Fields

Islington is everyone’s favourite borough to BBQ in because Islington Council lifted BBQ restrictions in 2011. That means the beautiful Highbury Fields is smokin’ hot from May to September every year. Beautiful, relaxed, family-friendly, Highbury Fields has it all. Plus a Tesco, a Waitrose and Highbury & Islington tube station all within a 5 minute walk from this grassy suburban heaven.

London Fields

This famous hipster haunt is also a BBQ safehaven in the concrete jungle of East London. If you’re feeling cool enough to go, make sure you stick to the designated BBQ areas to avoid smashing your retro Gameboy Colour in a bust up with the park ranger.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

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Who would have thought that historic park allows BBQs! You can’t use disposables, but that shouldn’t stop the seasoned pit masters among you. Just make sure one of the park’s notoriously populous canine population doesn’t steal a sausage while your back is turned!

Burgess Park

From Camberwell to Walworth, Burgess Park is the South London BBQ location of choice. The BBQ area is by Old Kent Road, meaning you can make a quick escape back to hip New Cross afterwards.

Caledonian Park

Another Islington laissez-faire BBQ free for all, we chose this park out of all other Islington greenlands because of the psychedelic clock tower that used to look over a market here. The market is gone, but the tower remains, smiling as the meaty fumes from your grill waft up to its enigmatic face…