Five Ways Seaweed Can Boost Health and Beauty

All mermaids have luscious locks, twinkling eyes and a glowing complexion. And frankly, we think there’s something in the water. Seaweed, to be precise. Beauty and vitality of mythical proportions can be achieved by eating and topically applying the ocean’s verdant grass. Yes, those slimy fronds that adorned your childhood sandcastles have incredible, revitalising properties.

Types of seaweed or algae can be categorised by their colour. Green algae (sea lettuce), brown algae (found in Miso soup), red algae (found in sushi) and blue-green algae (spirulina, chlorella). They can be eaten in a variety of different ways (from salads to super smoothies) and can also form an integral part of your beauty routine. Here are five ways seaweed can boost your health and beauty.


1. It may help to regulate hormone imbalances

Too much oestrogen can sometimes stimulate the production and growth of breast cancer cells. Seaweed is packed full of lignans – a plant substance that can help to block an excessive production of oestrogen in the body. In fact, research is now underway to determine whether seaweed could usurp HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) entirely. You could try adding a sprinkling of spirulina to your fruit smoothie first thing in the morning to get your daily dose.


 2. It aids digestion

Alginate is a substance present in brown algae that has been found to strengthen gut mucous (bear with us here), which in turn protects the gut wall from irritation and inflammation. Not only that, but seaweed is brimming with those ‘good bacteria’ you hear so much about. And a flourishing ‘good bacteria’ population can help prevent common tummy problems like cramps, indigestion and bloating. On top of all those wonder-working properties, seaweed also slowly releases its energy – so you stay fuller for longer.


3. It is also packed full of antioxidants

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Seaweed really is an over-achiever. It proudly stands alongside other lauded superfoods like blueberries and wheatgrass, its metaphorical cape billowing in the wind. Why? Well, all seaweed contains bucket-loads of vitamins and minerals. These antioxidants help to keep all your internal organs in tip-top condition – while also contributing to clear, dewy skin and shiny hair.


4. It works wonders on the skin

Seaweed contains bundles of naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory compounds which makes it brilliant for tackling common skin irritations like acne and rosacea. It is even gentle enough to use on baby skin. At Frezyderm, our First Aid Butter is a healing combination of seaweed, arnica and magnolia. It soothes all manner of minor bumps, sores and bruises, while effectively bringing down swelling. Marine extracts are also great at aiding skin cell regeneration which is why they make a great ingredient in cleansers, toners and exfoliators.


5. It leaves hair glossy and shiny

Tumbling, healthy locks are the result of protein – and lots of it. Seaweed has these fatty acids and minerals in abundance. It can fortify straggly locks, hydrate dry scalps and thicken thin, limp strands. Give yourself a dose of mermaid hair and watch the compliments come flooding in.