The Beauty Benefits of Caffeine

We all know the pitfalls of drinking too much coffee. Our everyday pick-me-up can dehydrate the skin and stain teeth. So far caffeine isn’t sounding like much of a beauty guru, is it?

But that’s only when we drink it.

Applying caffeine topically is a whole different story. It’s time to wake up to the superhero powers of your favourite breakfast beverage.


1. Boosts circulation

While drinking too much coffee can exacerbate the appearance of cellulite, applying caffeine topically can help to boost circulation. It stimulates blood flow and dehydrates fat cells to give your skin a more even-textured appearance.


2. Fights free radicals

Caffeine is packed full of antioxidants which makes it expertly equipped to tackle toxins caused by the sun or pollution. In fact, some argue that caffeine is a better source of antioxidants than fruit and vegetables.


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3. Banish dark circles

Using ground coffee under the eyes can greatly reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. How? Caffeine reduces the water content in the skin, which serves to tighten up those bags and give your complexion a more airbrushed look.


To give your skin the ultimate perk-me-up, why not try our rejuvenating Eye Balm that gives maximum firming action, reduces dark circles, puffiness and dull skin. And for those who have cellulite, there is our Tripleffect Cream-Gel. This cream-gel is a slimming, firming, anti-cellulite cream that stimulates fat burning due to the caffeine and phospholipids ingredients.

If you want a healthy golden glow all year round there’s our Self Tan Body Shape. First it offers a great firming action for the skin thanks to the caffeine ingredient, and secondly, it gives a perfect self-tan without you needing to go out in the sun.

Caffeine is the wake-up call your complexion needs. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without it!