Superstar Ingredient: Glycerine

From skin creams and foods to cough medicines and soaps, it’s pretty likely you use products and that contain glycerine daily. But what makes it so special that it’s used in hundreds of ways and so often?


What is it?

Glycerine is an organic compound of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. This thick colourless and odourless liquid is often made from natural fat from vegetable, palm and/or coconut oils, making it food-grade standard, whereas non-food-grade glycerine is mainly a by-product of biofuel (ethanol) production.


What’s it used for?

Due to glycerine’s ability to attract moisture, it’s a key ingredient of many skin creams and hand lotions.

The beauty of this wonder substance is all down to how it makes your skin absorb water from the air, reducing dry and dull patches on your skin, essential especially during the winter months.

Not only is glycerine great at moisturising thirsty skin, it can also help smooth wrinkles giving you a softer, more youthful appearance.

Glycerine it not just used in beauty and cosmetic products, it’s also found in many medical products too. If you have a nasty, tickly dry cough a cough medicine high in glycerine will ease it in no time, soothing the scratchy feeling.

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What products contain it?

We have known what a star ingredient glycerine is for a long time, which is why you’ll find it in many of FREZYDERM’s products.

For rich, daily facial hydration our Moisturizing Plus Cream contains glycerine maximising its moisturising abilities. This cream also utilises active fig impediments and herbal extracts, giving you extra relief from dry skin with antioxidant protection.

At this time of year, it’s the body’s extremities that can suffer from dryness due to cold winds and harsh weather. Because of this, we’ve created Dermofilia Hand Cream. A glycerine-rich product which strengthens, restores the skin’s protective outer barrier, instantly soothing dry hands. Along with these benefits, the cream can also relieve the hand from eczema and contact dermatitis. All this in one product!

And for the rest of the body’s skin, there’s our Volpaderm AHA Milk cream. Utilising glycerine’s extra moisturising properties, this body cream is a revolutionary product that combines exfoliating with moisturising ingredients, helping to rejuvenate tired and dry skin. Lightweight and easily absorbed, this body milk is perfect for use after showering.