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How to Combat Dry-Damaged Hair

You want a luscious, free-flowing, flick-able mane. The kind of hair that accessorises any outfit, leaves you feeling 95% sassier and turns heads.

But what you have is the kind of limp, arid birds-nest that gets stuck in your hair-brush and refuses to be manipulated into any kind of style? Sigh.

Dry and damaged locks is one of the most common hair complaints. Naturally, dry hair occurs when the scalp fails to produce enough oil to moisturise the roots. Like dry skin, this particular hair type needs to be given extra support with super nourishing products. Hair that is normally smooth and hydrated can also be made dry from external factors like excess sunlight, pool chlorine, hair-dryers and hair straighteners.

Whatever the cause, the drier your hair becomes, the more the follicle begins to splay, break and become damaged. Dry and damaged hair feels coarse and rough to the touch and is difficult to manage.

If your hair is getting dry, combat it straight away! Here is your four-point hair SOS plan:


1. Cut your hair

You don’t need to give yourself a buzzcut, don’t worry. But regular trims will help to prune your hairdo of the dry, damaged, dying hair and give growing hair a chance to flourish.


2. Use the right shampoo

FREZYDERM’s Hair-Repair Shampoo is laden with tip-top ingredients like ceramides and flower cotton extract. The formula is designed to restructure dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. For the best results, we suggest using it 2-3 times weekly.


3. Use a moisture-rich conditioner

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sodium hyaluronate

A good conditioner is your secret-weapon against dry hair. Our Hair Repair Conditioner detangles, smooths and revitalises to protect hair from wear and tear – leaving it comb-ably soft and easy to manage.


4. Treat your hair regularly to a replenishing mask

When you need a treatment to go deeper, to tackle dryness at the very root, it’s time to whip out a hair mask. Our Hair Repair Mask helps to reduce frizziness and also creates a protective barrier against future damage.


To truly give your hair the TLC it needs, explore FREZYDERM’s range of haircare. No matter what the specific need of your hair is, we have products that have been created with you in mind.

Whether you’ve got mature hair, suffer from dandruff or have coloured hair, we have the ideal shampoo, conditioner or spray.

FREZYDERM’s innovative and safe products are inspired by you.