Face Wash

The Benefits of Using Face Wash

During the day, your hands touch all manner of grimy surfaces laden with bacteria. That handle on the train. Those buttons in the lift at work. Even your beloved mobile phone. They all house dirt, pollutants and germs which are easily transferred to your skin. The washing of hands (after the bathroom, before meals, after a commute) and even the use of hand sanitizer gel has become second nature – but is your face getting the same squeaky-clean treatment?

A lot of skincare routines tend to focus solely on making complexions look younger, tauter, dewier. And while these are all noble beauty causes, it’s worth remembering that one of your primary concerns should be keeping your face sanitised.

Water alone just won’t cut it. If people who thought they had ‘cleaned’ their face, took a thermal imaging photo, they would be shocked and appalled at the number of bacteria they saw. Really.

You need a face wash. A really good one. Here are all the benefits associated with incorporating it into your routine:


1. It cleans

Face washes help to remove the dirt, oil and urban pollutants that water alone can leave behind. If you wear makeup daily, then it’s essential to wash and cleanse your skin before bed.  Our Mild Wash Liquid is a gentle cleanser suitable for normal, sensitive and even rosacea-prone skin. It thoroughly cleanses, without causing irritation, leaving only soothed and hydrated skin.


2. It exfoliates

Facewash doesn’t just rid your complexion of all the icky stuff, it also sweeps away dry skin and other debris, helping to reveal a fresh layer of skin beneath. Your face becomes more even-textured with a natural glow. Our Volpaderm Aha Cream is the perfect exfoliating and hydrating cream that gently buffs away dead cells, leaving the skin refreshed and brightened.

3. It stimulates the circulation

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The process of massaging face wash granules into your face helps to boost the flow of blood. It is also incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

Start off your day with the Mild Wash Foam when you shower to cleanse and awaken your skin in the morning. Pat dry your face and apply some of our Revitalizing Serum which has an anti-ageing effect as well as being revitalising. Follow the serum with a moisturise-rich day cream such as our Moisturizing 24h Cream. Enriched with herbal extracts and ceramides, this cream gives you long-lasting hydration, boosts collagen and strengthens the skin’s barrier to keep the moisture.

No matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, having a product with SPF is essential to maintaining healthy, happy skin. This is where our Suns Screen Velvet Face SPF 30 comes in. With a unique formula that gives your skin a velvety soft texture, this sunscreen gives you transparent sun protection with a matte appearance. In the evening, you can swap out the face wash for a less abrasive cleanser like our Mild Wash Liquid.


So, there you have it. The lowdown on the benefits of using face washes. Find more of our face wash products to change up your skincare routine here.