Easy Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Many of us worry that we might be losing our hair. From excessive hairstyling and genetics through to hormones and emotional stress, there are many potential causes. Whether you’re a woman with thinning hair or a man who’s concerned with male pattern baldness, we look at some easy ways that can help prevent further hair loss.


Reduce your hairdryer usage

Excessing heat from your hairdryer can cause damage to your hair. How? Well, heat from a hot hairdryer weakens the proteins within the hair shaft. Regular hot air drying can leave your hair dry, brittle and fragile, making it more prone to hair loss. Instead, let it dry naturally or only use a cool setting on your hair when you’re short on time.


Avoid tight hairstyles

Hairstyles like cornrows (tight braids close to the scalp), weaves and ponytails pulled too tight can all put the hair under stress if done regularly and over a period of time. Wear these styles once in a while and give your hair and scalp a ‘rest’ after these looks.


Use hair loss prevention and treatment products

“Prevention is the best remedy” as the old saying goes, and with this in mind using products purported to prevent and/or treat hair loss can go a long way to keeping your head of hair.

Our range of hair loss treatments gives you a full line of defence against losing your locks. This hardworking and effective range includes treatment masks, lotions, shampoos and monodoses.


Cut down on hair dye

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Using cheap hair dyes regularly can expose your hair to a lot of chemicals in a short space of time, leaving your hair prone to breakage, split ends and in some incidents, hair loss. Try and grow your hair colour out or try using more natural hair colours such as henna.


Use quality brushes and combs

Some premium brushes and combs can be a little on the expensive side, but if you invest in these your hair and scalp will thank you later. Cheap brushes and combs can cause really bad damage to your hair. For example, avoid plastic combs that have been plastic injection moulded. You’ll notice with these combs that the teeth have lines where it has been formed. These can snag and tear the hair shaft, causing breakage and leaving you with less hair than before. Instead, go for saw-cut plastic combs.


Eat healthy and take vitamins

Hair thinning and hair loss can sometimes be due to malnutrition. Make sure your hair is getting all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay healthy and happy but eating balanced meals. If your diet needs an extra boost, why not try taking vitamin supplements? Vitamins A, B-vitamins, vitamin C, D, E, iron, zinc and protein all contribute to healthy, strong hair.


These easy to follow tips can help you keep your crowning glory, with little effort and maximum results. Follow our blog to keep up-to-date with more tips and advice.